In the middle of beautiful Hälsingland lies Järvsö. Here there are blistering mountains, the air is fresh and Ljusnan, which is the country's ninth longest watercourse, runs right through the countryside. A paradise for those who enjoy versatile cycling. Here you can cycle downhill, uphill, on flat ground, to the picnic area, in the forest or to the bathing place. With nice excursions, beautiful scenery, world heritage sites and comfortable accommodation, Järvsö really offers cycling for everyone!

Järvsö Mountain Bike Park is a large downhill park with about 20 trails where you can rent bikes and try downhill in various forms, from beginner level to really advanced riding. An experience for all ages! There are also lovely trails and trails for those who want to ride a mountain bike, and here you will find more information about XC-leader in Järvsö.

You who enjoy nature experiences also get everything you need in the area. In Ljusnan you can fish, go up the Järvsöklacken to admire the view and in little Hamra in Orsa Finnmark there is Hamra national park with a rich wildlife. You can also visit the Zoo Järvzoo with our Swedish wildlife as a specialty. Experience Järvsö and Järvsö guides gives you the opportunity to discover local gems along with knowledgeable and dedicated guides.

Many activities are arranged in Järvsö throughout the cycling season. In August 2022 there is Järvsö Gårdstramp. Järvsö has several accommodation options that are bicycle friendly. If you visit Järvsö and do not have your own bicycle, you can rent a bicycle from Järvsö Cykelservice or Järvsö Bergscykel Park. You can order a picnic basket from either Järvsö Gårdsbageri or Anders-Pers. It can't get any simpler.