Järvsöbaden green - for the whole family from running bike and up
The trail starts at Hubben for the Badtjärnsområdet. Badtjärn's green trail suits everyone. It consists of very flat climbing and sweeping velodrome turns in a slight downhill run. The trail is about 1 m wide without roots and stones.
Järvsöbaden is perfect for the youngest children who ride a spring bike, the mother who has the one-year-old in a bicycle cart or for children or adults who are beginners.

Swimming pool blue - for you who have cycled the green trail and feel ready for more cycling
Badtjärn's blue trail suits everyone if you adjust the speed and train a little in the technology area. It consists of flat climbing and sweeping velodrome turns in the downhill runs. The trail is about 80 cm wide without roots and stones.

Swimming pool red - for the technically skilled cyclist
In the Badtjärns area there are red sections of different lengths. These are located along the blue trail. The red sections require a very good technical ability on the bike. We recommend that you inspect before cycling to know what the trail looks like. Challenges can range from narrow ridges, rocks and roots to very steep sections and stone slabs. There are no easy roads around the obstacles.

Järvsöbaden's technical area
About 10-15 minutes cycling from the start at Badtjärn there is a technology area that is recommended for bikes from 20 inches and up. The technology area is structured so that you can make shorter loops if, for example, you want to train on a specific part many times, or you cycle a lap and get to practice several different steps on the road.