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In western Uppland you will find an area with the poetically sounding name Fjärdhundraland. The big city in the area is Enköping. Here there is very beautiful nature to enjoy during the bike rides. In the spring, the purple backsips of the nature reserve Vånsjöåsen and you who want to see the king of the Swedish forest will have to visit Gårdsjö Älgpark. Here you can admire the big bulls Gunde and Holger. Another nature reserve that fits well as a destination for a bike excursion is Nybylund with its beautiful oaks and hazel trees.

Enköping is located by Enköpingsån and not far from Lake Mälaren. With 24 parks to visit, it is not so strange to talk about the "city of parks". How about leaning the bike against a tree in Drömparken for example? Another name is "Sweden's nearest city" because there are 38 cities within a radius of only 120 km. In other words, a perfect cycling destination for an unusual number of Swedes.

To start from the beginning, there are many worthwhile ancient remains in Enköping municipality. At Torstuna church there are six meters high Kungshögen and at Altuna church there is a rune stone which shows the story of when the asa god Tor with an ox head as a bait succeeds on the very same Midgard worm on the hook. If we take a step up to the early 16th century, Härkeberga church with its paintings by master Albertus Pictor is a major attraction. Here, among other things, you get a painterly description of when the poor Jonah gets in the stomach of the elections. In the middle of the city of Enköping is the Spring Church dating back to the 1100s and if you want to immerse yourself in history, you should visit Enköping's museum. Literally interested people can visit the author Jan Fridegård's memorial cottage in Gåde.

When it comes to cycling in Enköping you can come via Mälardal trail and in addition to several nice bike rides in the city are outside the municipality Fjärdhundra Country - with winding roads, small-scale farm shops and a charming agricultural landscape.

Fjärdhundraland - winner of the Stora Turismpriset 2019

The name Fjärdhundrandand comes from the medieval Fjädrundaland which was a so-called folkland, a land area that had its own law and a lawman. Those who enjoy history can find many nice excursion destinations in the area. Grönsöö Castle has everything from coffee to bathing opportunities - and don't miss the little worm house! Here is the Altuna stone with motifs from the Viking era and many nice churches to visit when you want a moment for reflection.

In the Fourth Century you can enjoy nice cafes that are very close to you. Sussis Gårdsbageri offers delicious sourdough bread and coffee bread in a cozy environment. Ideal for a break in the bike ride. Other cafes to choose from are Broby Gård with decor and vintage, Yellow Stallet Butik & Kafé and then there is Mel's Drive-In for you who are 50's nostalgic. When it comes to accommodations, there are several options that give you a real feel for the neighborhood. At Jädra Gård with its dressage horses there is Jädra Lanthotell, you can rent the Solviken torpedo inside Gårdsö moose park and at Refvelsta Fideikommiss you can eat wild meat and rent a home.

Länstrafiken in Uppland, UL
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