Enköping municipality

Enköping is located by Enköpingsån and not far from Lake Mälaren. With 24 parks to visit, it is not so strange to talk about the "city of parks". The areas around Enköping have become known for their rich selection of food craftsmen, farm shops, bakeries, small-scale agriculture and rural housing. Find here you an area with the poetically sounding name Fjärdhundraland.

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In Fjärdhundraland there are a lot of small roads that lie where they have been since time immemorial, lined with rune stones, small medieval churches, cafes and farm shops. In short, a paradise for us who like to discover and cycle. Fjärdhundralandsleden runs between Fjärdhundra and Örsundsbro, on nice roads with good opportunities for breaks for coffee, detours or a dip. You are also close to several other places to visit in Fjärdhundraland, so you can use the trail as a base for your own route. There are also several nice accommodation options.

Getting here

Länstrafiken in Uppland, UL
During the period April-October, bikes may be included as far as space on the regional buses, however a maximum of two per bus. Bicycles may also be included as far as space on Busy, but not during rush hour. Bicycle is not allowed on bus lines 801, 677, 774, 110, 111, 115 and UL express busesYou can't take a bike on the city buses in Uppland.read more here.

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