Cycling in Fjärdhundraland - winner of the Grand Tourism Prize

Fjärdhundraland is an area just outside Enköping, with tours well worth cycling. In 2019, the economic association Stora Turismpriset won for its efforts. As a cyclist, it is easy to understand why, here it is completely crowded with good cycle paths and places to visit. Here we talk to Mats Thorburn, who is chairman of Fjärdhundraland economic association.

Hi Mats! You have developed a new cycle path - Fjärdhundralandsleden. What is it like to ride it?
It is calm and nice cycling on small roads, mostly paved but also a bit on gravel. Along the way there are audio guides in the app Storyspot, cafes and farm shops with local food crafts - and nature areas where you can stay for a while. We did this route between the communities Fjärdhundra and Örsundsbro, but we also have tips on the website on how to extend the trail to Bålsta or Västerås. It is also easy to choose another way back if you want - there are lots of nice cycling-friendly roads in the area.

Mats Thorburn

Many are talking about a holiday in 2020 this summer. What can you do as a cycling tourist in Fjärdhundraland?
What we think is extra fun is that we are so close here with both good bike paths and places to visit such as farm shops, food craftsmen, garden shops and nature areas. So besides the bike rounds we suggest here you can easily put together your own tour, based on the accommodation you are starting from. All within an hour from Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås. At Wik's castle and Jädra gårdshotell there are bicycles for rent, then it is only the imagination that sets the limits!

Ps. You know that Enköping is called Sweden's nearest city because it is so close to many other cities? In other words, very many of us are close to a trip in Enköping and Fjärdhundraland!