Scenic cycling rounds in Dalarna

Those who cycle along Strömsholm's canal have many attractive alternatives to choose from. In the area of Smedjebacken in Dalarna, the skier and cyclist Niklas Björklund has some nice rounds he is happy to share. 

You are a member of Norrbärke ski club and move a lot in the nature around Smedjebacken. Do you have any tips on nice cycling rounds in the area?

A very nice turn is when cycling around Lake Norra Barken. The road past the village Perhindersbo goes right by the water and is incredibly beautiful. A little traffic and in a beautiful nature. The round is about 35 kilometers. Another highlight is the Malingsbo-Snöån section. A scenic turn on a rolling road. A third tip for a nice round is to cycle around Lake Haggen. It is about 21 kilometers long. It does not get worse because there are nice places to visit along all the rounds. 

What is your own favorite round when you take a ride on the bike? 

My "favorite round" is the Bark around (The bark consists of North and South Bark that are connected). Beautiful nature around our beautiful lake, and it is excellent to have a coffee in Söderbärke.