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Surrounded by deep forests, beautiful mansions and small communities, the area next to the Klarälven river offers a fantastic environment for cyclists. There are bike-friendly accommodations, cafes, restaurants, museums and adorable viewpoints along the way. In Sandgrund in Karlstad you can admire the artist Lars Lerin's art. Värmland is the landscape of the great stories and authors and when you cycle along the Klarälven you understand where Selma Lagerlöf and the others got their inspiration from. 

A given starting point is the Klarälvsbanan and the Klarälvsleden. It is possible to start the cycling journey already in Hammarö by the shores of Lake Vänern. After a mile of cycling you come to beautiful Karlstad where the fantastic Klarälvsbanan begins. On perfect asphalt, you cycle straight into the wilderness on a rebuilt embankment. No cars or uphills and almost no curves for 90 kilometers. It does not end there, but in Uddeholm the Klarälvsleden begins. You cycle on old country roads for 120 kilometers all the way to Sysslebäck. You pass Monica Zetterlund's birthplace Hagfors and those who are interested in Swedish political history can stop at Tage Erlanders Ransäter.

If you like mountain biking, Karlstad can offer nice, quality-assured trails. One is called the I2 area's MTB trail and has stretches that vary from light to medium difficult. Skutbergets and Sörmon's MTB trails also have stretches that are easy and medium difficult. As always, you should take into account nature and those who walk when cycling on trails.

Bicycle on the bus: Between 13 June and 14 August 2022, it is possible to take the bicycle on the bus on a large number of the bus departures that pass the Klarälvsleden, Unionsleden and now also Vänerleden. read more here.

Taxi Hagfors: Can take 2 bikes, but also more bikes on a bike trailer. Booking via email taxihagfors@gmail.com or telephone 0563-60420.

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