Bergslagen Cycling

Kilsbergen is also usually called "the blue mountains" and is only a couple of miles west of Örebro. Friluftsparadiset Kilsbergen is a mountain range that stretches several miles through Bergslagen and offers long trails with demanding mountain biking with technical trails and miles-wide views. There are also several family-friendly trails around Ånnaboda and Pershyttan.

The area stretches from the well-preserved mining village of Pershyttan just southwest of the wooden town of Nora to the dramatic slopes of Lekeberg. Several of the trails take you up and down the mountain range, which provides enough pulse and adrenaline for most people. Many trails here are tough and require both technology and fitness, but there are also a number of much simpler family-friendly trails. Ånnaboda is Kilsbergen's natural central point and there is both dining, camping, accommodation and bike rental. You can easily get here by public transport from Örebro. Ideal for those who do not have a car and can imagine renting a bike.

Getting here

Take the Mälar train to Örebro, from here there are several roads to Kilsbergen. If you do not have a bicycle, you can take the bus to Ånnaboda and rent a bicycle there. If you have the bike, you can pedal on the old Svartåbanan up to Garphyttan. Another alternative is to cycle past the famous Svampen north and to Järle station. If you arrive at the right time, you can throw the bike on the steam train and ride all the way to Nora, where there are many nice bike paths.