Bergslagen Cycling
Region of Örebro County

Bergslagen Cycling is located in the Örebro region and is Sweden's leading and largest cycling area. Here you will find bike trails from beginner to elite. Bergslagen Cycling consists of six large interconnected mountain biking areas, leisure trails from north to south and many fine road bike trails. In total, there are nearly 1000 km of signposted mountain bike trails and 900 km of country roads in the area.

All joints have a common rating - green, blue, red and black. Green is the lightest and black is the most difficult. This makes it easy to choose for both those who want to train for a competition and those who just want to take a bike ride with the family.

Mountain bike trails for different needs
Both the range and variety of joints are fantastic! Here are both long and demanding black mountain bike trails for those who want to challenge yourself on trails in the forest, but also short, light green trails for those who want to "try". The MTB trails are clearly signposted, and with the map and route description from Berglagen's Cycling website you can easily find without a guide.

Hjulsjö (7 heads) Move on historic land between the tombs and cabins.
Pershyttan / Nora (12 heads) Experience how mining and inland ice have characterized the landscape.
Lindesberg (4 leads) Here are some nice trails in magical forest.
Ånnaboda (10 heads) Bicycling in wilderness with Kilsbergen, ancient castles and pebble fields.
Lekeberg (5 leads) Flat terrain with small villages and a tougher black trail.
Askersund (6 leads) Exercise for long runs or just enjoy Vättern's northern shore.
Kumla (3 leads) Exciting environment at the cool art exhibition at Kvarntorpshögen.
Kloten (4 leads) Cycle with standard bicycle or MTB in one of Sweden's largest nature reserves.

Bicycle trails with food and coffee places along the way 
There are also several “road bike trails” in the area, ie asphalt rides for those who want to sharpen the shape of the racer bike. There are trails from about 3 km up to 15 km, with nice food and coffee places along the way. For those who want to experience nature and cycle on roads at a somewhat quieter pace, there are so-called “leisureleder”. Here you can choose to take an excursion for a few hours, or plan a little longer bike ride with overnight stay.

Bicycle friendly accommodations
In order to be able to get the most out of your bicycle stay, the accommodation facilities in the area are certified according to some basic requirements adapted for you as a bicycle. This means that at each accommodation facility you can lock the bike overnight, have the opportunity to wash the bike and get information about the local routing system. Several accommodation facilities can offer additional services, such as drying and possibly washing your clothes, meals and food.