Bergslagen Cycling

The old mining village between Grythyttan and Kopparberg has become a favorite for mtb cyclists. Hjulsjö is part of Bergslagen Cycling and here you cycle on really beautiful trails in magical forest. Miss the cafés Hjulsjö 103 and Bredsjö Ostcafé which are located along the trails and serve coffee of the highest class. 

Here you will find nice, fast, sandy paths that meander over the sand ridges in Fredsdalen, but also a lot of longer hilly trails on varied surfaces and a couple of intense black trails. Just like at many of Bergslagen Cycling's starting points, there is also a good technology course. For gravel fans, there are trails northeast of Hjulsjö towards Nittälven - it is a real gravel paradise.

Starting at Hjulsjö exercise center opposite the beautiful red wooden church, there are twelve MTB trails for a total of about 190 km. The paths wave along sandy ridges and disused railway banks, between burial mounds and huts. The trails have varying degrees of difficulty and are suitable for both beginners and those who are more used to it. At the starting point there is a technology track, bicycle rental and a parking space.

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