Bergslagen Cycling

This is genuine mountain range with many old cabins and mills in the immediate area. The historical character is well preserved and in some parts of Nora you can say that it looks like a hundred years ago. In the surroundings there are some of the country's best MTB trails alongside idyllic views for those who prefer to cycle on a gravel road on a beautiful summer day.

Starting from Digerberget, Pershyttan's visitor center or Nyttorp in Nora, you can reach twelve different trails for a total of 220 km. Several trails go through the miner's village Pershyttan and further out on historical paths. There are everything from short, child-friendly trails to technical and long demanding trails. All joints go in loops back to the same starting point. At Digerberget there are two pump tracks and a technology track. The MTB area in Pershyttan is linked to Ånnaboda's route system.