Cycling on Ekerö is almost unique. Few places in Sweden have such an exciting and long history. Crucial chapters in Sweden's history have been written here for more than a thousand years. The place is a green oasis, located on a number of islands in Lake Mälaren. In addition to the two world heritage sites - Birka with Hovgården and the Drottningholm area - there is a rich selection with other attractions and activities.

Photo: Drottningholm Castle, Tove Freij

Not far from Stockholm city is rural Ekerö. Here you can experience a fantastic cultural landscape with eight magnificent 12th century churches, magnificent castles and mansions. A rich art life is represented by famous architecture, small museums and art relics. Here you will find farm shops and self-picks as well as sales of handicrafts. And all this in harmony with a fabulous nature. The bike paths on Ekerö are popular and connect to the Mälardalsleden trail.

Getting here

You can choose to ride SL's shuttle boat to / from Tappström on Ekerö (line 89 between Ekerö-Stockholm-Ekerö) and bring your bike on board. The shuttle boat runs both summer and winter, and there is a cafeteria on board.

See and experience

  • local_seeBirka with Hovgården on Adelsö
  • local_seeDrottningholm Castle & Castle Theater
  • local_seeEkebyhov Castle
  • local_seeEkerö church
  • local_seeFärentuna church
  • local_seeChina Castle, 18th century Chinese-style pavilion
  • local_seeLovö church
  • local_seeSkytteholms Herrgård with Carl Mile's sculptures
  • local_seeThe quarry in Stenhamra
  • local_seeSvartsjö castle

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