Dirt road and asphalt
Car-free bike path
The Seven Army round is clearly marked with red bicycle signs along the entire road

The seven-part round in Western Sweden's inland is a paved cycle path totaling 15 kilometers that takes you through hilly and wonderfully beautiful scenery, without having to fight so much on the slopes. This is because it is largely based on an old embankment. You will pass several beautiful station buildings, old iron bridges and sometimes you cycle over the fir peaks! A big advantage for the family of children is that 12 km of the bike path is completely car-free.

Pictures: The cycle path The Seven Hours Round

In this varied nature area there are both hilly forest areas, beautiful pastures and meadows - and as many as 100 lakes. The area is well known for its textile industry and its traveling mopeds. During the Middle Ages, the Sjuhäradsbygden was Sweden's southern border with Denmark with several fortresses, whose ruins still remain. There are also some well-preserved medieval castles, and Torpa stone houses (with several ghost stories) still remain and are a popular tourist destination. Here is also Sweden's only preserved medieval stake church, Hedared.

Main Route: 150 km (Borås - Ulricehamn - Tranemo - Svenljunga - Borås)

Tour suggestions along the Sjuhärads Trail:
Borås - Ulricehamn, 47 km
Ulricehamn - Tranemo, 43 km
Tranemo - Svenljunga, 22km
Svenljunga - Borås, 38 km


If available, you can bring your bike by purchasing a bicycle ticket for SEK 30, in addition to the price for valid travel voucher. In this case, the bicycle must be placed in the cargo area of the bus. However, a folded mini bike that you can carry yourself is counted as luggage and can be carried free of charge according to the following travel conditions regarding luggage.

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