Rain cover for shoes

295 kr

These rain covers for shoes are a must to take with you on the bike ride or commuting to work. Avoid carrying heavy rubber boots and instead keep your feet dry with the help of these flexible shoe covers.

The covers cover both shoes and lower legs against rain and dirt. They reach up to the knee, which prevents any gaps below the rain jacket or rain pants. The guards are held in place with four Velcro straps.

The material is a very light and flexible polyester-coated vinyl, which makes them both stretchable and tear-resistant. The seams are welded for extra durability. Since they do not have their own sole, you also do not have to worry about everything getting muddy and dirty when the rain cover is tucked into your bag or pocket after use. The weight is only about 230 grams, which makes them light and flexible to fold and carry with you. Once folded, they do not take up much more space than a glove.

These rain covers for shoes and lower legs can also be used for other occasions than when you are on the bike. A tip is to store an extra pair in the car's glove compartment, ready to put on if you unexpectedly need to go out in the rain and do not want to get wet on shoes and lower legs.

  • Fits several different shoe types (even cycling shoes that can have a lot of different models)
  • Can be adjusted to the right fit around the leg with Velcro
  • Protects the entire leg up to the knee from rain and splashes
  • Easy to fold and unpack on the tour
  • Good quality of the gallon material
  • Soft and compliant
  • Navy blue color with reflectors

Tips on easy ways to put on your boots-in-a-bag

  1. Attach the upper velcro strap under the knee.
  2. Thread the shoe tip through the strap at the toe.
  3. Tighten the Velcro strap around the heel.
  4. Tighten the other Velcro straps along the calf.

Here you can read a review as our tester Daniel has written after trying on the shoes.

Navy blue
about 230 grams