SSF Theft tag for bicycle

349 kr

SSF Theft Marking for Bicycle contains several layers of protection and consists of DNA with micropoints, UV etching code, and ID decal with QR code. This makes it almost impossible for the thief to de-identify the bike. This provides a deterrent effect for theft while the right owner can be easily traced.

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  • Easy marking
  • Anti-theft labeling in several layers, including DNA code
  • Almost impossible to remove
  • Easy for the police to read
  • Internationally traceable

Please note that SSF Theft Marking is for a bicycle and only needs to be done once. The labeling is valid for an unlimited period.

The tag set contains:

  • 1 container with 2ml adhesive mix with unique DNA code and about 500 micropoints
  • 4 UV etching templates with unique ID number
  • 1 container with UV etching liquid and iron
  • 1 QR code sticker with unique ID number
  • 1 warning label
  • registration codes
  • Instructions