Reflective sticker Diamond

75 kr

This self-adhesive reflective sticker from 3M™ is for those who want to be seen extra well in traffic at night. The self-adhesive property maintains a very high quality and can be used for the bicycle as well as for the bicycle helmet or the pram. The technology behind the reflective material is very advanced and from the beginning was developed specifically to provide increased visibility for vehicles in traffic. These reflectors are distinguished by excellent reflection and brightness. Each reflective sticker is approx. 10×5 cm large and the package includes 3 stickers.

  • Microprismatic film with good reflective properties.
  • Reflects light even from tight angles.
  • The reflection works even when it is wet outside.
  • Easy application through self-adhesive material.
  • Resistant material that withstands cleaning.
  • Functional for at least eight years under normal stress.
  • Meets the requirements of UN/ECE 104.
White (reflective)
100mm x 50mm