Luna Reflective Gloves Dot

490 kr

The Luna Reflective Gloves Dot are the perfect gloves to help you be seen in the dark while keeping your hands warm. The gloves are waterproof and have a bright reflective pattern that makes you visible extra well in the dark. Luna Reflective Gloves Dot has a silicone pattern on the inside of the hand which increases grip in all kinds of weather.

Windproof, waterproof, warm, visible and stylish! These gloves are a must if you want to cycle in winter or in cold climates.

The gloves are available in two different sizes:
S/M 20.5 cm (size 8)
M/L 23 cm (size 9)

Black with dotted, reflective pattern
S/M: 20 cm, M/L: 23 cm
about 250 grams