Imbris rain poncho

990 kr

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Imbris rain poncho is a comfortable and well-designed, high-quality rain jacket that is practical and stylish when riding or cycling. The fabric is made of soft polyester twill fabric which makes it smooth and easy to wear over your clothes. Waterproof and breathable - great for cycling!

Two smart straps that you hold in your hands make this rain poncho stick to the handlebar and thus protect you from water running down your pants. An adjustable hood protects the head during the bike ride. In addition to protecting the contents from water, the pocket on the stomach also acts as a storage bag for ponchos when not in use.

Imbris rain poncho has a water column of 10,000 and an MVP (how much it breathes) of 5,000. The seams are taped and the zippers are Aquaguard from YKK (water repellent).

Curiosity: Imbris is Latin and means "rain clouds" or "rain showers".

Length 101 cm, width 132 cm
About 450 grams
10 000
5 000