Rudy Project Defender ImpactX

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Inspired by more than 30 years of development, Rudy Project Defender ImpactX blends an innate racing style with the most advanced eyewear technology to give athletes and avid cyclists unparalleled comfort. Adjustable nose pad and tip tips, ultra-deep field of view, protective soft safety shock absorbers and an outstanding power flow ventilation system make Defender an extremely comfortable and safe product.

ImpactX 2 Photochromic lenses

ImpactX 2 Photochromic lenses are guaranteed to be unbreakable for life. The lenses have an initially transparent state but adjust the tone to dark or clear depending on the lighting conditions. ImpactX is a family of semi-rigid polyurethane optical polymers. The ImpactX 2 lenses are available in three different colors (black, red and brown) with mirrored versions.

PowerFlow ventilation system

The innovative PowerFlow system has apertures that are scientifically located on the tips of the arch, on the front chassis and on the lens to improve air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency without disturbing the field of view.

Defender ImpactX safety and durability

Rudy Project Defender ImpactX has superior safety through integrated hinges and soft, thermoplastic elastomers that prevent damage in cases, shocks and collisions. These sports and cycling goggles are extremely stable, flexible and durable.

Rudy Project system for quick change

Change your lenses in an instant! With the Quick Change system you can choose the size and type of lenses that suit you better. And it guarantees perfect light handling because you can easily mount or replace lenses according to your own requirements.

Adjustable Nosepad / Temple Tips

The soft adjustable nose plate offers an exceptional fit for all face shapes. The system also makes it possible to adjust the height of the glasses and their distance from the face to increase comfort and prevent slipping. Adjustable tipping tips ensure a fully fitted fit and a perfect grip. Just use a gentle push to adjust them in any direction.


The shock absorbers on Rudy Project Defender ImpactX are colorful rubber inserts designed to maximize your safety in the event of a crush or blow. In addition, bumpers are integrated with the lens valve control to prevent fog and ensure perfect ventilation.


Power Flow
1-3: 8 - 80% light transmission
44 mm

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