Sweden by Bikes guide pool

Demand for bicycle guides is increasing in Sweden. With a safe and knowledgeable guide who can frame the experience through his story, the bike ride becomes even more rewarding for the visitor.  

Today, there is no certified training for cycling guides in Sweden, but we offer a basic training for you who want to develop as a cycling guide and get an orientation in important, basic knowledge. It can be a great way to get out into the nearby nature in small groups.



Action plan, security, preparations

Cycling guide is a responsible assignment that sets high knowledge requirements. The course is based on solid personal experiences of leading groups as a cycling guide both for those who will cycle on busy roads and in mountain bike contexts. It's about how to exercise hospitality, what you absolutely should not do, what equipment is needed.

Group cycling also involves risks that must be assessed correctly and knowledge is needed on how to handle the situation if someone is injured. Therefore, we go through what first aid equipment you should bring on the trip. During this step, we focus on preparation, safety checks and thinking like a pilot. Concrete checklists are included in the course material for you who want to prepare professionally and we go through everything from mailing to customers to action plans if the accident occurs.

Course leader: Katarina Rönnbacka Nybäck, BikeinBergslagen

Where: The training will be held in Zoom 

When: Tuesday 16 March 2021 at 16.30-20.15

Quantity: Minimum 4, maximum 12 participants

Award: SEK 2,800 excluding VAT. Course material and course certificate as well as one year of membership and visibility in the guide pool

Registration: Welcome to contact if you are interested in participating!