Intro to cycling tourism according to the Myllam model

Destination and business development in bicycle tourism for public players.

Many Swedish municipalities and regions have realized that bicycle tourism with comparatively small investments and in a relatively short time can generate visits and revenues. By giving employees the right knowledge and tools, development can quickly produce results. This course is aimed at people who work with destination and / or business development, are project leaders in tourism and others who help the local hospitality companies grow and develop products.      

Illustration: Hans Klaive

It's about creating the conditions and "rigging the stage". The lecturer uses his own "Myllamodel" - a model for the development of smaller visitor industry companies in the steps So, Grow and Harvest. During the course, we will look at factors such as trends, distribution of roles, cooperation, seasonal thinking and the creation of mini destinations.

You will learn…

  • - how to work with the Myllam model
  • - how to get companies to "hook arm"
  • - how a cyclist thinks and what needs are there
  • - how to work with an experience and service pyramid for cyclists
  • - how to take advantage of different seasons and the unique character of your destination to combine this with the needs of the cyclist
  • - how to work with themes and events in product development
  • - how to make the visitor industry companies become bike friendly with the best host
  • - how you can create mini destinations and relationship building

Target group: The course is aimed at public actors such as destination and business developers, company lots, rural developers and project managers in tourism.

When and where: Stockholm February 6, 2020 at 10-16. Sweden by Bike, Centralplan 3 (right next to Stockholm Central Station).

Cost: SEK 5,200 excluding VAT. Coffee, lunch, documentation and course certificate are included in the price.

Registration: Via e-mail

Lecturer Suzanne Gadd: is a lecturer, project manager and mentor for visiting industry companies. Has worked with business development of the Kattegatt Trail. Has worked as a bicycle guide in Mallorca and Austria, but has also been bank director and business manager. Emphasizes the importance of business acumen and has an eye for the luscious in product development. Suzanne works according to a self-developed model that she calls the "Myllamodellen". A needs analysis of the cyclist and his willingness to pay. It's about So, letting ideas grow (grinding solutions along the way) and then Harvesting - everything in the mill.

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