How to build an MTB area: Steps 1 & 2


In a large country with a lot of nature like Sweden, there are good opportunities for mountain biking. By investing in a local MTB area, the resort can become a visitor destination for a growing number of Swedish and foreign MTB cyclists. At the same time, it is a complicated project to develop routes for MTB and it is important to think through the different phases before starting. As in so many other cases, the secret to a successful project is that you think through what you should do thoroughly before you start. If you do right from the start, you do not have to correct later in the process.

When building an MTB area or an MTB track, a fundamental task is to involve and agree with all involved landowners. Often there are many questions and landowners can be worried about what it means to give land for MTB cycling. With knowledge of the rules that apply and clear models for collaboration and care, one can avoid misunderstandings and advance quickly. The same applies to contacts with the relevant authorities. A knowledgeable and well-structured approach creates confidence and makes it much easier to get "everyone on the train" with them.

This course will guide you through the process in two steps, from planning to maintaining contacts with landowners and authorities.


  • - How and where do you start?
  • - Target group and type of cyclists
  • - Which parties and authorities do I need to contact
  • - Public law and leads
  • - The most important steps and pitfalls to watch out for


  • - How do you get everyone on the train?
  • - Apply for consultation and convince landowners
  • - Models for collaboration, care and development
  • - The principal and the manager

Target group: Entrepreneurs, business and destination developers in municipalities and regions.

When and where: Stockholm January 23, 2020 at 10-16. Sweden by Bike, Centralplan 3 (right next to Stockholm Central Station).

Cost: SEK 5,200 excluding VAT. Coffee, lunch, documentation and course certificate are included in the price.

Registration: Via e-mail


The course is led by Katarina Rönnbacka Nybäck who has extensive experience building MTB areas and MTB routes. She played a central role when Bergslagen Cycling was created and has trained mountain bikers, guided and arranged camps. Today, Katarina works full time in her company and helps municipalities, regions and companies to make the same journey as she and Örebro counties have done. Katarina is a trained educator, bicycle trainer and process leader in Kurbit's business development and has also worked with tourism and the hospitality industry at the regional level for 8 years. She is also part of the team behind Sweden Mountanbike.

Katarina Bergstrand is CEO of Sweden by Bike and has experience in business development in various industries (tourism, insurance, transport and real estate). Has produced reports on cycling and public transport and mapped Swedish bicycle tourism on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth / Ministry of Industry.

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