Here you will find a combination of water, beautiful scenery and attractions that suit you who are traveling by bike perfectly. Discover charming Strängnäs with its cathedral, idyllic Mariefred, scenic Stallarholmen and Selaön with its tombs from the Viking era. Everywhere there are good bike trails and lots of nice places where you can stop for a cup of coffee or a good dinner.

Strängnäs is located by Lake Mälaren and it is a city with rich history. Here Gustav Vasa was elected king and the 75 meter high cathedral dates back to the early Middle Ages. Here you can visit the Military Vehicle Museum Arsenalen, walk in the picturesque wooden houses or maybe visit the Eko Temple on the cape called Nabben.

Mariefred got its name from a monastery called Pax Mariae that was erected on the site in the late 14th century. The small town is characterized by a charming wooden building with narrow streets. Those who want to feel the atmosphere of the late 19th century can go to the time-renovated station house. In the same nostalgic spirit, you can get to Stockholm and back with S / S Mariefred, who went on his first tour as early as 1903. The narrow-gauge railway in the city, Östra Södermanland's railway, is transported by black steam locomotives. In Mariefred there is also the stately Vasa Castle Gripsholm. The castle is in good condition and a major visitor attraction which, among other things, houses the National Portrait Collection.

Stallarholmen is located between the mainland and Sela Island which is connected by a bridge. The community is small but has a dynamic business life and it is close to both swimming and boating. If you make your way to Sela Island you will find not only relaxing archipelago nature but also plenty of remains from the Viking Age. The island also has Mälsåker's castle dating back to the 17th century.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Bikes may be included on the commuter trains, but not at rush hour, at. 06:00 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 18:00. Bringing a bike is free. Bicycles are not allowed to Arlanda C, Stockholm C, via the entrance at Odenplan to the Stockholm Odenplan station or on Stockholm County buses. read more here

Sörmlandsleden traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus.

Steamship Mariefred
Bicycles may be included as required (bicycle single trip, 30 SEK). read more here

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  • local_seeThe echo temple of Nabbkullen
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  • local_seeTake a steam train with ÖSlJ

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