Castle excursions with or without cakes, steamboat trip to Birka, Tom Tits's experiment, Torekällberget's open-air museum, beautiful coastal landscapes, organic food. During the period May-September you can go with S / S Ejdern to Birka, Adelsö, Drottningholm, Stockholm and Mariefred. The Ejdern is the world's oldest coal-fired propeller-driven steamship.

Anyone who chooses to cycle in Södertälje and the surrounding area has no problem at all filling the days with kilometers and experiences. Fits just as well for anyone who wants to trample properly as for the family of children who need many breaks. Here you will find Tullgarn's castle, multicultural food with food from many parts of the world, the Anthroposophists' Iron, distinguished lakes and much more. In Södertälje there are also nice bicycle maps and a welcoming attitude that warms a cyclist's heart.

Some nice excursion destinations in the area

The Ax lakes are two lakes with the feeling of a Norse forest star. Here it is excellent to grill at the completed barbecue areas or fly fishing rainbow (fishing license required). Or - if you're lucky - pick some cloudberries on the marsh.

Salt forest farm
The garden and the park around Saltskog farm are renowned for their beauty. Industrialist Carl Fredrik Liljevalch had a walk through the park to the lookout mountain and a small cave at the edge of the gorge.

Tullgarn Castle and Nature Reserve
Customs yarn is located only a few miles south of Södertälje. Customs yarn is associated with King Gustaf V and Queen Victoria, who spent the summers here around the turn of the last century. Rest for a moment in the courtyard and enjoy the sea air. Unpack the pickup basket at one of the ponds after a swim in the sea. Also nearby is Tullgarns Inn.

Yttereneby nature reserve
In Yttereneby nature reserve there are grazed pastures with beach meadows as well as mountainous and wooded areas. At the far end of the headland, at the Stavbo Bay beach, is a popular resting place, where you can barbecue on the landscaped fireplace.

The view from Korpberget is magnificent. Down the slopes are many unusual plants and animals. The ivy in the hillside was already noticed during Linnaeus' time.

Bicycle map with excursion destinations

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Bikes may be included on the commuter trains, but not at rush hour, at. 06.00-09.00 and 15.00-18.00. Bringing a bike is free. Bicycles are not allowed to Arlanda C, Stockholm C, via the entrance at Odenplan to the Stockholm Odenplan station or on Stockholm County buses. 

Sörmlandsleden traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus.

Photographer: Pontus Orre

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