Nyköping Municipality

The Nyköping River winds its way through the city and out into Stadsfjärden. Here you can stroll on your own along cultural and sculptural paths and stop at historical sites. Outside the city there are hiking and biking trails, mountains to climb in and kayaks to rent. 

Discover the eagle and seal from the deck of one of the tour boats, experience a mining museum or castle, find an auction or bike along the Näckros Trail with a well-stocked picnic basket on the handlebar. Nyköping Municipality wants to give more opportunities to ride bicycles instead of taking the car. Therefore, the municipality is working to offer safe, secure and accessible bicycle routes in and between the urban areas. In Nyköping's urban area, there is about 120 kilometers of cycle path and even more are on the way.

Some nice excursion destinations in the area

In Nyköping and the surrounding area there is much to discover from the bike saddle, no matter who you are or how much you want to ride a bike. Bicycles for both children and adults can be rented at the tourist office.

Palstorp Adventure Farm and Skogby
Palstorp is a forest adventure for the whole family. Here you can, among other things, climb obstacle courses in various difficulties for small and large, balance yourself on the slack line and learn more about the forest's animals along Tilda's nature trail. Here you can also explore the playfulness of the playground, grill sausages and marshmallows around the campfire and challenge yourself in football golf.

Hike from Hanging Brother at the Stone Door
At the Stone Door you experience the archipelago without a boat. Take a walk via the suspension bridges out on the islands to open sea views! There is a nature room, picnic areas, hiking trails, fireplaces, telephone, toilets and a special path for wheelchairs and strollers. At Stendörrens naturum you can learn about the Baltic Sea and the archipelago's nature, environment and cultural history. In an exhibition, curious people get acquainted with the mysterious life beneath the surface of the Baltic Sea, immerse themselves in human relations with the Baltic Sea then and now and learn about the environmental challenges we face today.

Nynäs Castle & Nature Reserve
Go on a castle tour, view flowers in the castle park or roam the hiking trails. Swim, paddle, fish or take a bike ride. The nature reserve is a magical place for young and old. (Temporarily closed due to Corona)

Sörmlands Museum
In Nyköping's western harbor is the new Sörmland museum, which offers various exhibitions, events, courses, meetings, open collections and much more.

Nyköpingshus is the center of the city's history and is originally a medieval castle that was built on turns. Today it is a partially ruined castle ruin and a popular place for both Nyköpings residents and tourists.


Bicycle tour suggestions (downloadable pdf)


A walk around town with children - Children's Nyköping!
Discover a fun and kid-friendly bike tour in town. Use the map and stop at several cozy play parks and parks such as the Margaret Park or Kungshagen where the harbor, swings, climbing nets, ships, rocking horses and large grassy areas are located. There is also a volleyball court and Nyköping's graffiti wall. The wall is open to everyone, bring your own color. A bike ride in town also suits the smaller children and can be a fairly big adventure.

A trip outside the city-south.
Here are tips on a 6 mile long bike ride south of Nyköping. Bring your own lunch bag or stop at any cafe or restaurant along the way and enjoy the surroundings. Examples of stops along the way are, for example, Tunaberg's church, Magasinet Gula mill and Palstorps Hage adventure experience and Skogsby.

A trip outside town-north. 
Along this bike ride north of the city, you will visit among the Stendörren nature reserve and the Museum Naturum as well as Nynäs Castle & Nature Reserve.

Sörmlandsleden traffic
On the rural bus, you can take your bike with you as much as possible (max two bicycles per bus). It doesn't cost anything extra. You can hang up and take your bike off the bus yourself. You may not bring your bicycle on city buses.


See and experience

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  • local_seeNyköpingshus
  • local_seeNynäs Castle & Nature Reserve
  • local_seePalstorp Adventure Farm and Forest Village
  • local_seeSaint Nicolai Church
  • local_seeStone Door Nature Reserve and Museum Naturum 
  • local_seeSörmlands Museum

Connecting bicycle trails