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Nora is located in Örebro county in the southwest part of Västmanland. It is a real mountain type village with many old cabins and mills in the immediate area. The city gained its city rights as early as 1643 when Sweden needed metals on a large scale. A large fire devastated large parts of the settlement in 1731 and the charming wooden building that the city is known for today was erected after that. In the surroundings there are some of the country's best MTB trails alongside idyllic views for you who would rather ride a dirt road on a beautiful summer day.

The historic touch is well preserved and in some parts of Nora you can say that it looks like a hundred years ago. A little curious is that the town's name has to do with the word nor, which denotes a narrow sound that connects two lakes, for example. Anyone who likes to read crime novels may know Nora under the name of Skoga. That's why the city was rewritten in Maria Lang's books (and she was actually called Dagmar Lange). A few years ago, the books were elegantly filmed with Tuva Novotny and Ola Rapace in the roles, and of course idyllic Nora as a recording environment.

In Nora you will find the Göthlinska farm, which is a beautiful bourgeoisie from the latter half of the 19th century, obviously built of wood. In the seaside cottage there is a waffle cafe and in the outhouse you can walk on flea ice cream, you can also visit the main building which is a museum when there is a viewing. Not far from Nora is the well-preserved mining village of Pershyttan. There there has been iron handling since the 1300s. If you want to learn more, you can choose on a guided tour or to walk the signposted cultural trail that goes around the village.

Bike trails and tour suggestions in the area:

Lake Nora around - about 22 km
A beautiful trail with varied forest, lake and open countryside. You cycle past farms with horses and cows, golf course and rose garden. Here you will find yourself on both gravel and asphalt. The trail starts from central Nora and is not signposted.

Nora-Pershyttan MTB leader
Starting from Nyttorp in Nora or Digerberget, which is Pershyttan's information center, you reach twelve different routes in a total of 220 kilometers. There are everything from short, child-friendly routes to technical, long and demanding routes. The trails go through the mining village of Pershyttan and out on historically exciting trails.

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