If you come cycling to Håbo via the Mälardalsleden trail, you will find that there is plenty to experience. A must, of course, is the mighty Skokloster castle which overlooks Lake Mälaren on the shoe peninsula. It is one of Europe's finest Baroque castles and Sweden's largest private residence of all time. The builder was the Swedish field marshal Carl Gustaf Wrangel who died in 1676. Adjacent to the castle is the Stenhuset which has become a cultural center for both residents and visitors and the fantastic castle park.

In the center of Bålsta stands the movie character Stig-Helmer statue and you can visit (Lasse) Åberg's museum with a collection of world-class Disney objects. Håbo has also preserved literary attractions in the form of the Fridegård Museum in Övergran with the author Jan Fridegård's study. At Biskops Arnö, where large parts of his library are located, today is the well-known folk high school with, among other things, photo school and author education. On the Sko peninsula you will find excellent cycle paths with wonderful scenery, cafes and attractions along the way.

Bicycle map Little trip (15 km)
Bicycle map Great trip (24 km)

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