Sustainable small business - you succeed with small funds

For those of you who run a smaller business and want to make your business more sustainable. And put resources on the right things.

Today, sustainability demands are also placed on small companies. The requirements come from private customers, large companies that make demands on subcontractors and authorities demand that rules are followed. A small company in the hospitality industry has small resources and must use them extra thoughtfully to meet the sustainability requirements. These courses give you as an entrepreneur and small business owner in the hospitality industry the knowledge you need to make your business sustainable with small resources and in a profitable way.

Sustainability is a complicated subject that requires thinking in several different ways. Those who attend the course gain basic knowledge of sustainability in all perspectives: social, economic and ecological. However, the emphasis is on the ecological aspect. We address the climate impact from, for example, travel, food, shop and accommodation. You will be given clear advice on what you can do as a small business. Together, we will discuss cost relationships and environmental benefits. The purpose is to help you make the right decision and allocate limited resources in an optimal way.

Course content:

  • - How do I put the resources right?
  • - How do I use a sustainable business in sales and marketing?
  • - What does sustainability mean in the three aspects: social, economic and ecological?
  • - What is special about small businesses and sustainability?
  • - What can the small company learn from the big companies' environmental work?
  • - What is special about bike tourism and climate?
  • - How do I follow up the sustainability work in a first step?

Target group: The course is suitable for you who run a small company in the hospitality industry, preferably with a focus on sustainable bicycle tourism. It is also good for those who work with small businesses as destination and business developers.

When and where: Stockholm December 2, 2019 at 10-15. Sweden by Bike, Centralplan 3 (right next to Stockholm Central Station).

Cost: SEK 3,600 excl. VAT. Coffee, lunch, documentation and course certificate are included in the price.

Registration: Via e-mail

Lecturer Hanna Bergman: is a civil engineer in technical environmental care and has worked for 20 years with environmental and sustainability issues. Among other things, she has been Sustainability Manager at Falu Energi & Vatten. In addition, Hanna is an elite elite cyclist who has been on the podium six times in Cykelvasan (and refuses to quit despite her 46 years). Today she runs her own company together with her husband with a focus on sustainability. Engaged lecturer who works out the concepts and makes the sustainability issue understandable and tangible.

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