For destination and business developers

We can help you reach as a bike destination!

Reaching the target audience: Do you want to quickly, cost-effectively and easily create local conditions for an increased number of cycling tourists? Then the first step is to reach the right target group with the story of your sights and your selection. Sweden by Bike is a niche channel for a target group interested in traveling and tourist by bicycle.

visitors: Those who visit the website are looking for nice places to visit on their cycling trips in Sweden. They come from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and many other countries. It is a comparatively strong target group, climate conscious and with a strong natural interest.

services: Sweden by Bike offers marketing services aimed at public players such as destination and business developers, center developers, rural developers and project leaders in bicycle tourism. By presenting and highlighting the cycling opportunities in the area (and of course exciting and fun bike packages, fine accommodation, locally produced food, cozy cafes, restaurants, current events, etc.) we can help to increase awareness of all the great things that are in you. We also offer trainings and seminars in collaboration with other talented players to increase knowledge about cycling tourism in Sweden.

Our network: Please contact us if you are looking for some expertise related to a bicycle venture or have a development need in cycling tourism. We are proud to have such a nice network, and are happy to help "find the right" and communicate.

Hire us: We are happy to share our experiences in bicycle tourism and you are welcome to hire us if you want to do a feasibility study, need project support, want to arrange a seminar or hire us as a lecturer.

destination Package

Sweden by Bike offers a Destination Package to municipalities and regions that want to take a clear position and profile themselves in the area. The service runs yearly and requires no web development. In our Destination Package we offer marketing of the destination on Sweden by Bike's website. This means a separate page with the destination name, logo and link to your own website. On the page there is a presentation of the destination in text and image. In addition, there is information about bike trails, bike travel packages, bicycle-friendly accommodations in the area and information about museums, cafes, restaurants and other things that are relevant to a cycling tourist. We are also involved in the work to get more companies in the resort to turn to cycling tourists.

  • The Destination Package includes:
  • The destination is profiled on with its own site, logo and direct link to its own website
  • We help to increase the range of destinations aimed at cycling tourists, in collaboration with local companies and entrepreneurs
  • Partner destinations are profiled in Sweden by Bike's digital newsletter and social media
  • Annual follow-up in written form with the aim of evaluating the cooperation
  • - Partner destinations always receive special offers when it comes to our courses and seminars
  • - Partner destinations receive a discounted price as an exhibitor Swedish Bicycle Fair 2020 through the organizer Bram Exhibitions

Feel free to contact us via email or phone 08-640 96 56 if you would like some more concrete suggestions on cooperation with us.

New trainings in bicycle tourism

Novelty! Sweden by Bike has developed courses for those who want to train you in bicycle tourism. Everything from packaging and business development to the basics of bike guiding. Knowledgeable lecturers, time-efficient design and tangible so that the knowledge can be quickly put into practice.

Here you will find more information about the 2019/2020 range.