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Since ancient times, Mälardalen has been inhabited and central to the country's development in Sweden. In its western part there are many exciting things to discover for those who enjoy cycling in an area close to water, nature and a pompous history. The distances are short and there are many nice roads suitable for cycling. A perfect starting point for the tours are the cities of Köping, Arboga and Kungsör, which are in a triangle where the Lake Mälaren water runs out.

If you do not have your own bicycle, you can rent a bicycle at the Tourist Office in Arboga (tel. 0589-871 51) and Ekuddens camping in Kungsör (0227-102 38). In Köping, you book a rental bike at the Station Kiosk at Köping's railway station (tel. 0221-710 10).


The farthest north in Lake Mälaren is Köping. Visit the locations where the heart-warming success film Tårtgeneralen was filmed. A piece of sandwich cake at Konditori Bivur is a good fit afterwards? And maybe a Halva? Köping is rich in ancient monuments and within a radius of 10 km there are fourteen ancient castles. Here you will find small and big cycling adventures and exciting stories about giants, kings and hidden treasures. You can follow one of the bike trails or explore and find your own favorite ride. Maybe you will discover the fine working community Kolsva.


At the far south-west is Arboga, which is connected to Mälaren by Arbogaån. Enjoy the beautiful city center with cobbled streets, wooden houses, cozy squares and many charming small shops. When you see the idyllic environment, it may come as a surprise that one of Sweden's most powerful and colorful women in history called herself the "Countess of Arboga". We refer to Gustav Vasa's intrinsic and witnessed beautiful daughter Cecilia who among other things managed to be a pirate for some time. The city also has its own Medieval Festival.


In the Lake Mälaren's southwest corner you will find Kungsör, with the Kungsudden royal estate from the 16th century as one of the main attractions. Another is the wonderful surroundings with beautiful meadows and pastures in a classic Swedish cultural landscape. Here are beautiful views and nice cycle paths for those who want to get acquainted with the city's surroundings and maybe take a dip in Lake Mälaren at Skillingsudd.

Photographer top picture: Jonas Bilberg

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