Ever since the 1950s, Västerås has been known as a cycling city. There are over 37 km of cycle paths and several beautiful excursion routes. In Västerås you can stay right at Mälaren at The Steam Hotel as well as in a cabin at Björnö or at one of our bicycle friendly hotels or campsites.

Try the bike path to Gäddeholm, or take a bike ride out to Tidö Castle. The historically interested may prefer a trip to Anundshög or to Frösåker's jetty - Västerås Historical Ship Museum where the ice cream is worth a trip in itself? Västerås has nice cycle paths that lead to new or classic adventures. On Stora Torget stands the city's most famous statue Aseaströmmen, perfect for a selfie. It shows what it looked like when the workers at ASEA were to and from work. A bike excursion to Björnön is also recommended, here you will find cozy swimming, dining and excellent MTB trails.

There are many boat trips from Västerås where you can take your bike. A tip is to take a trip to Strängnäs. At Västersås harbor there are also several nice restaurants and nearby is the city near Lögarängsbadet where both big and small can take a bath or sit down for a wonderful picnic. For families with children, there is also Sweden's largest action bath - Kokpunkten, well worth a visit for bathers.

Bicycle Routes

There are two cycle paths around Västerås. TMF (Training Exercise Leisure) is a network of cycle paths around the entire municipality of Västerås. The TMF trail is clearly signposted, about 600 km and goes to 90 percent on paved roads. The purpose is to stimulate local exercise and local tourism. The trail is clearly signposted and a map with a description of attractions can be purchased at Västerås Tourist Office by emailing visit@vasteras.se.

Västerås is also one of several cities located along Sweden's oldest bicycle route, Mälardalsleden, which consists of 444 km of cycle path around Lake Mälaren. The trail goes to 90 percent on paved roads and is clearly marked with red signs. The proximity to other cities along the Mälardalsleden trail offers fantastic opportunities to build your very own cycling adventure.

Mountain biking and downhill

For those who want to ride a mountain bike there are a number of marked trails in and around the forests in Västerås - in Rocklunda, Rönnby, Lista Kärr and Gäddeholm. All joints are easily accessible and clearly signposted with varying degrees of difficulty. For those of you who might want to try it for the first time, Björnögården at Björnön has both courses and rents out MTB bikes. In addition to cycling, you can combine your visit here with trying the high altitude course, renting a SUP board or kayaking - the proximity to Lake Mälaren makes your holiday extra magical.

For those of you who like downhill, the tip is Vedbobacken, which during the summer has the lift cage downhill, central in the city. In the wood floor there are 3 tracks down from the top in varying degrees of difficulty to suit everyone. The lift to the top is open according to regular opening hours in the summertime and we have also been postponed in carts for those who cannot ride. Downhill bikes and helmets are available for rent! Welcome!

Maps and more information

Bicycle map Västerås
Västerås official MTB trails
Downhill cycling in Vedbobacken
For those who want to ride in the winter

Photo top picture: Pia Nordlander

See and experience

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  • local_seeBjörnön - MTB cycling, high altitude track and kayak rentals
  • local_seeKarlsgatan 2, a house two museums
  • local_seeThe boiling point - Action bath
  • local_seeSkultuna Brass Use
  • local_seeStroll around the Vallby Outdoor Museum
  • local_seeTake a trip with the Elba ferry
  • local_seeVästerås Cathedral - "worth a trip"

Bicycle Maps

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