Bergslagen Cycling

The area is best known for its canoe waters, but is also a paradise for wilderness-loving cycling adventurers who prefer gravel roads over bumpy trails. There are several long trails here, but you also have the chance to find your own gems. Do not miss the waterfall at Skräddartorp which attracts you to take a dip in the soft rapids.

Kloten is a large protected wilderness in the borderland between Västmanland, Örebro and Dalarna counties and the area oozes adventure. Kloten was once the heart of the successful Grängesberg Group. There are several long trails that suit gravel road cyclists and wilderness fans, but also countless opportunities to combine their own adventures. MTB cyclists who want to mix Kloten's wilderness with pleasant trail cycling can test the fresh trails in Ramsberg a few miles south of Kloten.

Getting here

Take the Mälar train to Örebro, change to Tåg i Bergslagen towards Gävle, get off at Kopparberg. Pedal to Kloten on the old railway bank "Klotbanan" which was once the country's steepest railway.