Welcome to Södertälje - the place where the worlds meet! Here, the salty sea water combines with the sweet lake water from Lake Mälaren, just as culture and the pulse of the city combine with nature and the countryside. A colorful place for the curious visitors. Try our many restaurants and taste food from around the world, or take a trip with the world's oldest coal-fired propeller-powered steamship with original engine, s / s Ejdern. Arouse the desire to experiment at Tom Tits Experiment, a science museum for all ages, or travel to the Sörmländska 19th century at Torekällberget's Open-Air Museum with cafés and farms typical for this period of time.

Södertälje is perfect for cycling and those who choose to cycle in Södertälje and the surrounding area have no problem at all filling the days with kilometers and experiences. From popular trails to winding mtb trails and beautiful country roads. Here you can enjoy nature at a reasonable pace or raise your heart rate on fast bike paths. Suitable just as well for those who want to pedal at a higher tempo as for families with children who need many coffee breaks.

Five nature reserves that you can easily reach by bike

  1. Lina nature reserve
  2. Öbacken-Bränninge nature reserve
  3. Bornsjön nature reserve
  4. Yttereneby nature reserve
  5. Moraån valley nature reserve

Five bathing places that you can easily reach by bike

  1. Mälarbadet
  2. The tip of the nose
  3. New Malmsjöbadet
  4. Eklundsnäs
  5. Bergabadet

Five excursions that you can do by bike:

  1. Cycle to Täljehus castle ruin and have a picnic on Slottsholmen
  2. Cycle on Oaxen and visit the lime quarry
  3. Cycle on Mörkö and discover nature reserves, castles and beaches
  4. Cycle along Utflyktsvägen and discover nature, culture and local food crafts
  5. Cycle on the regional cycle path to Nykvarn and discover Vasaskogen

Bicycle map with excursion destinations

Getting here

Commuter train
Bicycles may be brought free of charge on the commuter trains, but not during rush hour between 06: 00-09: 00 and 15: 00-18: 00.
Bicycles are not allowed to Arlanda C, Stockholm C, Odenplan station or on Stockholm county buses.

Sörmlands traffic
Bikes are allowed to be taken free of charge, subject to a maximum of two per bus.

See and experience

  • local_seeAcksjöarna
  • local_seeKorpberget
  • local_seeOaxen
  • local_seeSalt forest farm
  • local_seeStora Alsjön's nature reserve
  • local_seeTom Tits experiment
  • local_seeCustoms Castle
  • local_seeYttereneby nature reserve

Bicycle Maps

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