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In the part of Östergötland that stretches from Kinda canal in the north via Kinda municipality and down to the scenic wilderness in the southwest, there is a range of cycling experiences that are difficult to surpass in terms of variety and attractions. Along the Kinda canal, cycling is not so strenuous and suits the vast majority. For those looking for genuine nature experiences, genuine sparsely populated wilderness where you are on your own and can get around on winding gravel roads, the area around the magical lake Sommen is recommended.

When planning your cycling in this area, it can be good to think in terms of two options with variants of cycling experiences that complement each other. In an even larger geographical perspective, the varied and fertile Östergötland offers an archipelago to the east, large cities such as Linköping and Norrköping, the eastern shore of Lake Vättern and the classic Göta Canal.

Kinda channel

If you have not visited the area before, it is time to do so. Here is an 80 kilometer long lush oasis that extends in its entirety from the large lake Roxen down to the small towns Horn and Hycklinge by Lake Åsunden. Of course you can try paddling or maybe board M / S Kind for a cruise along the canal. Kinda canal has been an important driving force for economic development in the region since it was put into use in the 1870s. In Kinda municipality with Kisa as the central town, there is a lot to see. A popular attraction is the nature reserve Trollegater where there is a cave system of passages that are one hundred meters long. Another is Gumhem's shipwreck at Åsundens beach. Further east you can enjoy the view of more beautiful lakes and visit places like Sturefors, Rimforsa, Björkfors and the classic football metropolis Åtvidaberg.

Östergötland's wilderness

In southern Östergötland there are many small idyllic places like Björkfors and Horn. Here the cars are few and the gravel roads charming in an old-fashioned way. At Hotel Sommarhagen is Lake Sommen, which is famous for its fishing and for its hundreds of small islands. The nature in the area is hilly and temperamental in a way that gives you much-needed relaxation and varied experiences. Maybe you visit a local artisan, take a dip in a summer hot swimming lake or stop at a rural church to reflect on life. The accommodation is of a high class and gives you the opportunity to recover from today's adventure in the wilderness. Only the silence out in nature makes the stay unforgettable. If you want an excursion one of these days, it's not far away Vimmerby and Astrid Lindgren's World. 

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