Destination Jönköping

The city, which is beautifully situated at the southern tip of Lake Vättern, dates back a long time. Jönköping was granted city privileges at the end of the 13th century and it was here that the king's Eriksgata reached its southernmost point during the Middle Ages. Given the view of the huge lake, the fertile landscape, the forests and the mighty waterways, it is no wonder that the area has many visitors. Add nearby bicycle gems such as Gränna and Visingsö and this is a difficult tourist destination for those who like to move around. 

Photographer: Peter Appelin

Here is a fantastic story for those who are interested. How about visiting Grenna Museum and learn more about engineer André's fateful balloon trip? Or the mighty Braheätten's old castle Visingsborg on Visingsö?

There are many choices when it comes to cycling in the area. Here, the world's largest bicycle-oriented exercise race passes the Vättern Round and there are perfect stretches for those who want to practice road cycling. Those who want to take it easy and enjoy a lunch bag and a view can with advantage go out on Visingsö or take a trip close to the city around Jönköping on an electric bike. There are paths in the forest for those who ride mountain bikes and curvy gravel roads for those who prefer the agricultural landscape. All in all, this is a cycling destination that has most of the cycling and everything around that completes the experience.

Bicycle Maps

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    Bicycle map Vättern around (southern part)

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