The city, which is beautifully situated at the southern tip of Lake Vättern, dates back a long time. Jönköping was granted town privileges at the end of the 13th century and it was here that the king's Eriksgata reached its southernmost point during the Middle Ages. Given the view of the huge lake, the fertile landscape, the forests and the mighty waterways, it is no wonder that the area has many visitors. Adding nearby bicycle gems such as Gränna and Visingsö makes this is a hard to beat tourist destination for those who like to move around. 

There are many choices when it comes to cycling in the area. Long, low-traffic country roads, steep slopes, deep forests and quiet cycle paths. In Jönköping there is something for everyone in cycling. Whether you cycle to enjoy your surroundings, want to feel the pulse rise off the fast-paced slopes or use the bike as a means of transport. Cycling is something that is in Jönköping's DNA and something that is constantly evolving and growing with new tracks and trails. Where's your next adventure going?

See and experience

  • local_seeBrahehus
  • local_seeStupid moss nature reserve
  • local_seeHusqvarna Museum
  • local_seeThe idyllic town of Gränna
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Bottnaryd's primeval forest
  • local_seeJohn Bauer's fairytale forests - Råbyskogen
  • local_seeNäs castle ruin
  • local_seeTaberg
  • local_seeThe match area
  • local_seeVisingsborg Castle Ruins
  • local_seeVisingsö oak forest
  • local_seeÄppledalen and Vista hill
  • local_seeÖstra Vätterbranterna nature reserve

Bicycle Maps

  • Bicycle map 14 The water around the southern cover

    Bicycle map Vättern around (southern part)

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