Palace tour
Skultuna, Västmanland (approx. 55 km)
2 nights fr. 2 750 SEK / pers
  • doneOne night at Edens Garden in Hällsjö
  • doneOne night at Sätra Brunn in Sala
  • done2 x breakfast
  • done2 x pocket pack
  • done1 x evening coffee
  • done1 x lunch, Day 2
  • done1 x dinner excluding drinks, Day 2
  • doneAccess to SPA at Sätra Brunn
  • doneRental bicycle & travel description
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneBathing hot tub on the first night at the Garden of Eden (evening fit included)
  • doneBeaver safari with workshop in the evening (evening picnic included)
  • doneChild seat, bicycle trolley
  • doneRent a canoe or wooden boat and fishing equipment
  • doneClassic massage with warm oils
  • doneKlang Massage
  • doneReiki, Japanese stress reduction method

The Black River Valley wetlands are classified as nationally interesting cultural countryside and are one of the natural areas that the European Union considers particularly valuable to preserve.m. In this bike package, you cycle through a vibrant Swedish cultural area and experience the expanses, wilderness, vast meadows, wetlands and lakes and - not least, the silence.

If you book a bicycle package in the spring or autumn, it may be that the darker season gives you the most delicious spa bath. When the evening is starry, the cold nips in the cheeks while the body is enveloped by the warm water of one of Eden's Gardens or Sätra Brunn's wood-fired wooden barrels. The barrels are placed among the pines and firs surrounded by the forest, so bathing in them for the evening evening is a very special experience. After this you sleep well in an accommodation where you will feel relocated to the 18th century.

Day 1:

Arrival in a quiet place

Upon arrival at Hällsjö farm, Edens Garden B&B, you arrive at a lovely corner of Västmanland where Swedish countryside is perhaps the most beautiful. At Edens Garden B&B, the business is built in accordance with a holistic, authentic thinking and here is the opportunity to unwind both in body and mind with the help of massage treatments, meditation sessions and reiki techniques that are used here.

In the evening you are served evening coffee prepared from locally produced ingredients. You can optionally enjoy it in a wood-burning hot tub. Alternatively, you can book beaver safari and a small lecture about the beaver kingdom while eating evening coffee at the campfire.

Garden of Eden, Hällsö
evening snacks
Day 2:

Cycle to Sätra Brunn, one of Sweden's oldest health resorts

After a good night's sleep, you are served a good breakfast buffet, prepared from locally produced and organic foods, which is said to be a taste experience beyond the ordinary. Today's bicycle tour goes through a flat, open agricultural landscape where Svartån's floods over extensive meadows and meadows make the unique character of the landscape. With the pack you have a pocket pack. In the area, thousands of song swans break in the spring and bird life is a major attraction in the area. The area is also rich in wildlife with red deer, elk, lynx, wild boar, fox, badger, beaver and every year, occasional sightings of wolf and bear are made. You cycle through buildings from the 19th century and can take advantage of much of what remains today of the centuries-old, traditional agriculture.

The bike ride goes to one of Sweden's oldest health resorts, Sätra Brunn, where you are served a good lunch in the beautiful dining room. To Sätra Brunn, the society and the court, the priests and the poor in the 18th century, piled on to socialize, drink well water and take medical baths to cure illnesses and strengthen health. Here you can still drink water from the Trinity source water today and enjoy various treatments or a relaxing moment in the 34-degree pool, hot tub or steam room.

On sunny days during the summer, you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee for a slice of homemade bread under the chestnut trees in the beautiful spa yard. In the evening, a dinner is prepared with local and organic ingredients and the entire restaurant at Sätra Brunn is KRAV-labeled. Here you will find good wines from Tomassi as Sätra Brunn is a member of the club Tomassi Friends, and in the pub Ofvandahls you will find after dinner a wide selection of single malt whiskeys if it suits your taste.

Sätra Fountain, Sala
Breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner
45 km
Day 3:

Svanå, Skultuna Bruk and Odendisastenen in Fläckebo

After a good and hearty breakfast, you cycle on through the western agricultural landscape past the bathing lakes and bird-rich wetlands. Many famous nature photographers come to the area to get close and to perpetuate the wildlife that Svartådalen is known for and which is easily accessible for you who cycle through it.

Other attractions along the bike ride are the picturesque pavilion located on Braheholmen by Fläcksjön, one of Sweden's most beautiful bird lakes. The pavilion is a miniature copy of the castle that stood here during the 17th century and owned by Ebba Brahe and her husband Jacob de la Garde and the pavilion's tablets testify to the unfortunate love story between Ebba Brahe and Gustav II Adolf as king-queen Queen Kristina effectively and relentlessly coolly put point too. The legend says that Gustav II Adolf, when he found out that Ebba was about to marry Jacob rode in spurts from the war field to prevent the marriage. Instead of riding around Fläcksjön, he let the horse cross the two kilometer long lake swimming, but his wild ride was in vain for when he arrived at Axholmsslott the wedding party was already in full swing.

Along the bike path there are also many other attractions, such as Svanå and Skultuna mill. You can also view the beautifully preserved rune stone Odendisastenen in picturesque Fläckebo. One of the few rune stones erected over a woman. On the way back from Sätra Brunn you can visit Svartådalen's Nature and Culture Center and the coffee shop in Västerfärnebo. You can also cycle through Sveaskog's Ekopark Öjesjönsbrännan, which is part of the larger nature reserve Hällskogsbrännan. The latter is known for one of Sweden's largest forest fires in modern times.

After all, you may feel like staying longer when you return to the Garden of Eden. Then it is easy to book an extra overnight stay plus an exciting guided beaver safari on Svartån. We can promise that it would make your stay in Svartådalen completely complete!

Breakfast, snack package
45 km

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July 2018
Kristina Åresund
Eden's garden was very good in terms of accommodation, service, dedication, hospitality and food. Sätra well more impersonal, large, less committed staff and not at all charming. Bicycle conditions excellent, little traffic, asphalt roads, just hilly
July 2018
Kicki Brantås
It was a little stressful to catch up for lunch in Sätrabrunn. Maybe a lunch pack to bring instead.
- Nearest airport: Västerås / Stockholm
- Nearest train station: Västerås
- County buses run between Västerås and Skultuna.
Skultuna, Västmanland

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