Tour the warm lakes of Wärmland
Grassland, Värmland (approx. 180 km)
7 nights 5 300 SEK / pers
  • done7 nights at the farm in Sandviken (incl. Bed linen, towel, bathrobe)
  • doneRental cycle 6 days (incl. Backpack, bike bag, GPS)
  • doneHot tub / whirlpool
  • doneTrip description and map
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneSingle supplement
  • doneDinner (ordered on site and depending on number of people)
  • donePossibility of transport

Värmland… The landscape with the large forests where moose, deer and other wildlife roam, the landscape with lakes and blazing heights. Your starting point for discovering western Värmland is the farm Sandviken just outside the small community of Gräsmark. Here you will experience the small scale in a grand environment. Exciting nature experiences and an old cultural village with beautiful strawberry spots are made to see from the bike!

You are well located from the major highways and bicycles on smaller roads that are not so busy. Along the lake Rottnen you cycle in cultivated landscape, otherwise there is a heavily hilly forest area with heights reaching 425 meters above sea level. If you choose more hilly bike rides, then it is extra well deserved to enjoy nice breaks at a quiet lake. There you can cool off, eat your packed lunch and maybe grill a sausage. Enjoy the tranquility and being part of nature.

After a hard day on the bike you can cool off and enjoy the hot tub with great views of Rottnen. You live in one of nine modern rooms in the newly remodeled barn, a unique accommodation where the crown of the jewel is the custom-built fireplace that seats the middle of the family room. From Sandviken there are nice day trips of varying length and difficulty, some suggestions you can find here. Bicycles and other equipment are available for rent. There are several different types of bicycles that are adapted for asphalt or dirt road, depending on which route you choose. You get with you a map and GPS. You can make packed lunches to take with you, or you can have lunch and dinner at some cozy restaurant along your way.

Day 1

Tour of the surroundings

Take the opportunity to take a stroll past Gräsmark's hometown, where there are buildings and collections from different eras in the village's history. From the time when Finns immigrated here in the 17th century, the so-called smokehouse has been preserved, with an additional Swedish cottage. How the big farmers lived can be seen in the Asphagsstugan, from the 1830s. Open during the summer with serving, on Fridays you can taste the traditional warmland fries.

The farm in Sandviken
Day 2

Rottnen Runt

You start south and cycle west of Lake Rottnen. After about 12 km there is a resting place on the beach. Perfect for a cup of coffee or a dip. Then continue for a few kilometers, turn left towards Bråsstorp, along the road you pass several picturesque small farms.

You pass road E45 and cycle on the cycle path north past Rottneros Park, which is the farm Ekeby in Selma Lagerlöfs Gösta Berlings saga, and the Pedigree Monument, which was erected as a symbol of the Finnish immigration to Värmland and for the Warmland exodus to the USA. Next door is Sunne Golf Club which has a restaurant. Now you come to Sunne, which is beautifully situated between the narrow Frykensjöerne. Here is one of Sweden's largest water parks for the play and bath stove. Inside the central Sunne are cozy restaurants and cafes, around the square you will find small shops.

After exploring Sunne, continue the cycle path along the E45 north towards Torsby. After a few kilometers you turn left towards Gräsmark. A mile later the Rotten is gleaming again, now from the east side. The Gettjärnsklätten Nature Reserve is a little further ahead, take the hiking trail to the top and get a wonderful view. The bedrock of the Gettjärn plain consists of hyperite, a dark and chalky bedrock. It has given the cloth its special profile - in the east a long slope and in the west a very cross steep slope. The bedrock means that the vegetation is abundant, almost 190 plant species can be found here. The rich flora benefits insects and wildlife in the area, especially the butterfly fauna.

A little further on, you reach the village of Gräsmark with a shop and swimming area at Lillsjön. Along the road south towards Sandviken is a fantastic sandy beach at the northern end of Rottnen, take the opportunity to take a nice dip. Then it is only a few kilometers home to Sandviken.

The farm in Sandviken
about 55 km
Day 3


A shorter round that fits when you want a quieter day. You will pass fine pine forests on perfect cycle paths with gravel. Take the chance to discover a peculiar area that not many people know about. The tour starts north through the village of Gräsmark, at the bridge you turn left towards Granbäckstorp, then right towards Brandsbol. After five km you turn left towards Torsby, at Grässjön there is a small camping and swimming area. You keep left around the lake and then back towards Gräsmark.

The farm in Sandviken
about 25 km
Day 4

Finn case

Today you are offered one of the toughest tours in the area. Start south to Västerrottna where you turn right towards Mangskog. After only a few hundred meters, turn right again onto Rissätervägen. You travel all the time in a beautiful forest landscape with interruptions of small lovely streams.

Take the left at the next intersection, then right after one kilometer. Immediately you reach Flytjärn, at the southern end lies the Knaggen farm, from there you take a left and now carry it up to Humsjöhöjden. At the road end, keep right on a tractor road and then reach Sälsjön. There is a nice rest area with barbecue and swimming area.

Then continue to the top cabin at Finnfallet ski resort. There you can take a breathtaking ride by bike down the slope. Or choose the way down again. Once down at Lake Rottnen you continue north back to Sandviken.

The farm in Sandviken
about 35 km
Day 5


Start south, after a few kilometers you turn right onto a small dirt road towards the village of Ängen. After a while you cycle along a nice little stream with small waterfalls and rocks. Stop at any convenient location and enjoy the rippling stream, try to quench your thirst with the cold and fresh water.

At the east side of Ängsjön there is an information board where you can read about the history, flora and fauna of the surroundings. Here the hiking trail starts on Ängenleden (17 km) around the lake, a fantastic tour through the area where the first Swede Finns in Värmland had their original settlements from 1550 to the end of the 19th century. Remains of the settlements are left in the form of house grounds, cultivation pits and catch pits. The meadow trail goes through different types of nature and most of the hiking trail is located in woodland and to the highest locations in the area. It is a hike in forest landscape, from nature of low mountain type to natural pastures.

The village of Ängen is an oasis with a lovely calm and mile-wide view of the forested heights. Rokkmakkstugan has a cozy barbecue house where you can cook a simple lunch. Inside the cottage there is serving with sandwiches, drinks and the famous waffles. Then continue north down towards Borrsjön, a breathtaking ride down steep slopes with wonderful views. After about 6 km you are back in Sandviken.

The farm in Sandviken
about 25 km
Day 6


The first part up to the Meadow is the same as the previous route, then continue west to Fredros. On the way there you have Lake Trehörningen south of you, a fantastic wilderness lake with small nice bays and islands.

Once in the small mill village Fredros there is a swimming area and camping on the northern shore of Lake Treen. Here you can buy coffee, baguette and ice cream. Here you can also play disc golf that involves throwing frisbee in baskets on a nine-hole course - a fun activity!

After this break, the journey continues towards Gräsmark. After about a kilometer, turn right onto a small gravel road leading to the Great Mine south of Lake Mangen. Here is information about the ancient mining in the area. The mine round is a 9 km long hiking trail for those who want to visit the old mines and see ancient remains. You also get a great nature experience. From the Big Mine you continue on to Borrsjön and back to Sandviken.

The farm in Sandviken
about 40 km
Day 7

Hike, fish, paddle

When you want to rest your bicycle muscles, there are 15 miles of hiking trails, fishing in the distinguished fishing waters and beautiful waterways that invite to kayaking. The fine canoe trail in the Rottna River is a suggestion. Canoe is available for rent at Sandviken. Sunne water park attracts with swimming in various forms, nice golf courses are in the area and if you want to try something a little more unusual then head to the ski tunnel in Torsby where you can go cross-country skiing in the middle of summer! Selma Lagerlöfs beautiful Mårbacka, Rottneros park and the sculpture park in Sunne are recommended for the culturally interested. At Torsby Finnskog Center in Lekvattnet you will encounter a piece of unique Nordic history and human deaths of a very special kind. Here, the legacy of the sweat-eating Finns who came to Värmland during the 17th century is highlighted.

The farm in Sandviken
Day 8

Time for a return trip

After a good night's sleep, it's time for a trip home, with some unforgettable days from the warm wilderness in the luggage.

Nearest airport: Karlstad or Oslo, Gardermoen
Nearest train station: Sunne
Grassland, Värmland

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