Scenic Åkers Bergslag
Mariefred, Södermanland (about 55 km km)
1 night fr. 550 SEK / pers
  • doneA sleeping place in "Ladbo" at Krampans Logi (simple self-catering accommodation)
  • doneBed linen and towels
  • done1 x breakfast
  • doneFolder on the history of Åkers Bergslag
  • doneMap and route description
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneBook a fully equipped farmhouse with 4-6 beds for your own use
  • doneRental bike and helmet

Åkers Bergslag lies in the border areas between Strängnäs, Gnesta and Flen in Södermanland. The nature is varied with forests, hills, lakes and agricultural landscapes. The area has got its special character from the intensive iron ore handling that once went on. Here is the town of Åkers piece mill and the company of the same name which is one of the country's oldest companies dating back to the end of the 16th century.

This bike ride is a real nature experience. A special attraction is Skottvång's mine with a sense of how mining was once in a while. There are now inns and a cultural-historical oasis in the middle of the beautiful rural countryside. Here you can eat well, listen to live music, go on a round of art, visit Skottvång's mining museum, visit Smedjan's trading house, go to the market or join in when a real coal mile lights up.

Music & programs at Skottvångs Grufva

The old limestone quarry in Kalkbro is now a nature reserve. The ravine-like entrance to the breaking area became the backdrop of the film Ronja Rövardotter (based on Astrid Lindgren's novel) when Mattis rides and looks for Ronja. Åkers Bergslag is very popular for canoeing. The three Marviks run through a narrow forest-covered crack valley that in their places is no more than 50-100 m wide. The beaches are surrounded by steep mountains and rise up to 75 m above the lakes. The lake system forms part of an old Viking route from the Baltic, which then extended into Lake Mälaren towards Birka.

You spend the night at Krampans Logi, located in the beautiful nature reserve of Marvikarna-Krampan. Simple, nice self-catering accommodation. An exciting bike package with a lot of history at just a distance from Stockholm.

Commuter train Stockholm-Gnesta / Steamboat Mariefred-Stockholm is not included in the price. You can find times and prices at SL and S / S Mariefred 

Day 1:

Feel the wings of history at Skottvångs Mine

Shotgun mine - water filled mine hole

Take the commuter train from Stockholm to Gnesta (for more information on times and regulations, see above). If you are looking for something in your stomach you can have a cup of coffee in Gnesta. Begin your cycling on the Näckros Trail in the direction of the small community Laxne. The road goes past Södertuna Castle, Norrtuna Castle and Heby Manor.

When you pass Laxne you first take off towards Skottvång's mine and then towards Krampan's nature reserve. In the nature reserve is Krampans accommodation where you will stay overnight. In Krampan there is a bathing place and the possibility to book a canoe for those who like to paddle (booked in advance via the Canoe King). In the evening (Friday-Saturday) music performance is arranged at Skottvång's mine and there is the opportunity to have dinner. If you come one day a week you can have lunch at the mine and then cook your own dinner at Krampan's accommodation.

Simple overnight stay in "Ladbo" (self catering)
about 25 km
Day 2:

Idyllic Mariefred with Gripsholm castle

After a good night's sleep in the fresh air and the silence, it's time to cycle to Skottvång's mine again. Those who like to hike can stop and walk either the 4-kilometer round or the 9-kilometer round that starts at the mine. Both are part of the Sörmland Trail. Then cycle to the old town of Åkers parc mill where there is a utility museum that tells about the area's iron traditions.

The next stop is idyllic Mariefred with attractions such as Gripsholm Castle and railway with steam locomotive. The last part of the trip you can go with the steamboat Mariefred to Stockholm at 16.30 and if you are hungry after the trip you will eat steamboat steak on board. S / S Mariefred adds in Stockholm at. 20:00.

about 30 km
Mariefred, Södermanland

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