Nature & culture in the Siljan area
Rättvik, Dalarna (about 198 km)
6 nights 8 500 SEK / pers
  • done6 nights at selected hotels and Bed & Breakfast (part of double room)
  • done5 x breakfast
  • doneLuggage transport between the accommodation
  • doneStandard bicycle rental bike with bike basket (7 gears)
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily completed with one or two days
  • doneSingle room supplement: SEK 4,000
  • doneElectric bicycle: 800 kr
  • doneBicycle helmet: SEK 100
  • doneBicycle highchair: SEK 200
  • doneGuided tour including lunch Dalhall round: 750 SEK
  • doneFloating hotel room, Kungshaga Hotel (Day 4) Tree and forest huts, Näsets Marcusgård (Day 5)

Welcome to discover the beautiful Siljan countryside from the bike saddle. Rättvik is your starting point when you discover the area around Siljan. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails, restaurants, cafes and shops, many talented craftsmen as well as unique sights to visit. 

This bike package offers beautiful views of the varied valley landscape and you pass several beautiful communities and villages where the red-painted houses stand tight and the village roads meander. The tour also follows some old abandoned limestone lanes that served as transport routes for quantities of lime broken in the many limestone quarries of the area.

Along the way there are many trails from the forestry that has taken place in the area for hundreds of years and you can experience the spectacular outdoor arena Dalhalla, which is one of the most popular sights in the Siljans countryside. You cycle on your own and live comfortably along the road. Transport of luggage between the accommodation is included in the bicycle package.

Unique accommodation optional: Day 4 and Day 5 you can book unique accommodation as an option. At Kungshaga Hotell in Orsa you can choose to stay in a floating hotel room on Lake Orsas, and at Näsets Marcusgård in Furudal you can choose to stay in unique tree and forest huts.

Day 1

Summer idyll Rättvik & Dalhalla

Wasastenen o Rättvik @ LottaBacklund2

Arrival and check-in. Take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the popular Rättvik valley, a destination that has attracted tourists from near and far for more than 100 years. Enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the slalom hill or the view tower Vidablick, or stroll with a Rättvik glass on the long bridge. Wander around the church pillow and peek into Rättvik's beautiful church, see the medieval church stables, have a snack at Rättviks Gammelgård, visit the Wasastenen and Stiernhööksstenen. If you arrive early, there is the opportunity to discover Rättvik from the bike.

Why not take the opportunity to cycle the Dalhalla round, a trip that takes about 3-4 hours and passes the famous outdoor arena Dalhalla as well as popular Nittsjö ceramics factory. You can follow a guided bicycle excursion with a local guide.

Lustigsgården Bed & Breakfast, Rättvik
Day 2

Idyllic valley environment & enjoyable views (Rättvik-Tällberg-Leksand-Siljansnäs)

Siljansnäs @ LottaBacklund2

On the way to Siljansnäs, on the other side of Siljan, you pass through the beautiful valley idyll Tällberg, where hotels and cafes are mixed with the local people's everyday life in color red houses. You can also stop in Leksand and visit the beautiful garden at Hildasholm.

Once in Siljansnäs, take the opportunity to hike to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view of Siljansnäs to one of the weather and Siljan to the other. Enjoy good food at Buffil's Anna and take part in Naturum Siljansnäs exhibitions and information about the Dalora's flora and fauna.

Siljansnäs Stugby, Siljansnäs
None (self-catering cottage overnight)
about 34 km
Day 3

Forest and exciting Viking-era tomb (Siljansnäs-Gesunda-Sollerön-Mora)

The road is bordered by alternating forest and cultivated landscape before the bridge leads over to Sollerön, Siljan's largest island. Be sure to visit the well-preserved Viking tombs, Sollerön's fine church, the local hometown, the source of sacrifice and the nature reserve Agnmyren before the journey continues towards Vasaloppålets Mora.

Take an evening stroll along Siljan's beach, eat well at local restaurants and pass under the Vasalopp destination's portal as many times as you like.

Hotel Fridhemsgatan, Mora
about 46 km
Day 4

Gustav Vasa, Anders Zorn & Hairpieces (Mora-Våmhus-Orsa)

Be sure to visit the Vasaloppsmuseet or Zorngården with the art museum and café before the journey continues along Lake Orsasjön towards the haircuts in Våmhus. Yet some distance away, on the other side of the lake is everyone's Kalle Moraeus hometown of Orsa. For those who are able and willing to make a detour, a breathtaking view and beautiful mooring environment awaits high up on the mountain in Fryksås.

Just before Orsa's community lies the small village of Hansjö which can boast its own craft dairy, gladly buy a cheese or two with you. Stay and eat well you do at Kungshaga hotel just outside Orsa. There is also the opportunity to make the choice to stay in a floating hotel room on Lake Orsas. However, this needs to be booked well in advance of the trip.

Kungshaga Hotel, Orsa
about 30 km
Day 5

Beautiful village environment and relaxing countryside (Orsa-Furudal)

The journey takes you through several smaller valley villages and the larger village of Skattungbyn, which, thanks to its many enterprising villagers, offers both coffee, lunch and food in the village's cooperative café and grocery store. You can also visit the village's charming and craft sausage factory.

Once you arrive in Furudal and the village of Näset you will be greeted by nice hosts and beautiful scenery. Here, too, there is unique accommodation as an option, in the form of two unique tree and forest huts.

Nose's Marcusgård, Furudal
about 42 km
Day 6

Waterfalls, exciting geology & unique barges (Furudal-Rättvik)

Rättvik church @ LottaBacklund2

The final cycle day offers recesses in both the old village environment on Norrboda Gammelstan as well as fascinating geology at Styggforsen's nature reserve and waterfalls in Boda church village. Here you can see the clear traces of the severe meteorite strike that occurred 400 million years ago and which has since characterized the Siljan countryside in different ways.

Before you arrive in Rättvik and cozy Lustigsgården again, you pass the unique cultivation landscape in Nedre and Övre Gärdsjö. The area is also called the Ladriket because of its approximately 200 old barns, of which the oldest is from the 13th century, one of the oldest known in Sweden. Here is also Björgården's jam making with its charming farm shop. Once back in Rättvik, it's time to tie the trip together and enjoy one last time of a beautiful sunset over Siljan.

Lustigsgårdens Bed & Breakfast, Rättvik
about 46 km
Day 7

Journey home

Dalarna and Siljansbygden thank you for the visit and warmly welcome you again for new discoveries!

Rättvik, Dalarna

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