Cycling in the tracks of the Vikings
Simrishamn, Skåne (about 136 km)
4 nights 3 900 SEK / pers
  • doneOne night in a double room at Löderups Strandbad
  • doneOne night in a double room at Our House, Ystad
  • doneOne night in a double room on the South Coast at Pilehill, Vemmenhög
  • doneOne night in a double room at the Clarion Collection Hotel Magasinet, Trelleborg
  • done4 x breakfast
  • doneMap and route description
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneSingle supplement
  • doneLunch and dinner
  • doneRental cycle up to 21 cycles: SEK 1,400 (incl. Pickup in Simrishamn / leaving in Höllviken)
  • doneElectric bicycle: SEK 2,600 (incl. Pickup in Simrishamn / leaving in Höllviken)
  • doneBicycle guide throughout the tour
  • doneGuided tour in Simrishamn and Ystad (eg in Wallander's footsteps)
  • doneLuggage transport between the accommodation: SEK 650 per day per company (up to 9 people)
  • donePrivate transfer Höllviken-Simrishamn: approx. SEK 1000 / person (incl. Bike and luggage)

Do you enjoy the beautiful landscape in Skåne and are fascinated by the Vikings' way of life? Then this content-rich 5-day package is definitely for you! It is suitable for you who are a little older as well as families with children. Picturesque small towns, lots of sea views, fresh air, good food and history.

Presentation image: Foteviken Museum

This bike tour starts in Simrishamn and ends in Höllviken with a visit to Foteviken's Vikingaby. There are many possibilities to customize the bike package based on your own needs, perhaps a guided tour in Wallander's footsteps in Ystad. The season runs from April to October, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a date that fits. From the bicycle package's final destination in Höllviken, it is possible to return by public transport (train + bus) back to the starting point in Simrishamn, or pre-book a private transfer.

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Day 1

Simrishamn - Löderup

Simrishamn, dating back to the 1100s, is known for its pastel-colored houses with beautifully carved doors. It is not at all impossible to feel the scent of roses if you go for a walk among these houses on a nice summer day. To the south of Simrishamn are the two Simris stones made of sandstone from the 11th century. They were found in the cemetery wall in 1716 during a restoration of the church. Although Skåne at that time belonged to Denmark, the stones were made in the Uppland style.

Cycle along the sea and past the picturesque fishing villages of Brantevik and Skillinge. With advantage, stay on Sandhammaren's long, fine-grained and white sandy beach, which has been voted Sweden's finest sandy beach several times.

You spend the night at Löderups Strandbad, which is a hundred years old. Take an evening dip in the ocean as you look outside the window.

Beach hotel, Löderup
About 30 km
Day 2

Löderup - Ystad

Today's first event is something extra. In Kåseberga you stop at the magnificent Ales Stones, which is Sweden's largest preserved shipwreck. It comprises 59 boulders, is 67 meters long, 19 meters wide and is situated with a fantastic view of the sea. Stroll down to Kåseberga harbor and enjoy a smoked herring.

Aim for the charming medieval town of Ystad with its cobbled streets and over 300 half-timbered houses, some very colorful. The town's oldest preserved building is St. Mary's Church from the 13th century. There, the Tower Guard's copper lantern sounds from the tower every night as a sign that everything is quiet in the city, a tradition that has existed since the 17th century. Also visit the Monastery and Per Helsas Gård.

Of course, you who like detective stories know that Ystad is Kurt Wallander's hometown. Henning Mankell's creation, which was depicted in 12 books and filmed in several versions.

The hotel where you spend the night is housed in a charming 19th century building in the middle of Ystad.

Hotel, Ystad
About 22 km
Day 3

Ystad - Östra Vemmenhög

We leave Ystad behind us and cycle west along the coast. Enjoy the sea breeze and endless ocean before swinging inland and cycling among rolling cornfields and fields. The landscape that you look out over may have once belonged to the Danish Viking king Harald Blåtand who occupied parts of southern Skåne during the late 970s. Incidentally, it was he who brought Christianity to the landscape.

The overnight stay will be as picturesque as colorful on the South Coast at Pillehill in Östra Vemmenhög. Their slogan "Good locally produced food, wine to die for" says most of what they stand for. Homely environment which is a delight to the eye, comfortable beds and an adorable view.

Hotel, East Vemmenhög
About 25 km
Day 4

Östra Vemmenhög - Trelleborg

When Tullstorp's old parish church was demolished in 1846, Tullstorpstone was removed from the wall and instead walled in lying on the side in the northern church wall. It was probably at this time that it was broken into two parts. The runstone is today uncovered in the cemetery. Among other things, there is a warship depicted on the stone. The voyage in the Vikings' tracks rolls on. On the road to Smygehuk you pass Jordberga where you can see another runstone, namely Källstorpstenen which is dated to 1000-1050. It is the only rune stone in Skåne that tells of a bridge construction (which was well known after all, Skåne and Denmark together with a bridge in the end, but it was not inaugurated until 2000).

Take a look at Sweden's southernmost site - Smygehuk. Drink a cup of coffee and take a dip in the ocean. Don't miss Famntaget, the statue in the harbor, which is said to be the model Uma Thurman's grandmother.

The final goal of the day is the city that got its name after the so-called trelleborgs, which were large ring towers with earthen walls. In Skåne, it was not least old acquaintance Harald Blåtand who brought them to gain control. You spend the night at another charming accommodation.

Bed & Breakfast, Trelleborg
About 33 km
Day 5

Trelleborg - Höllviken

You will find more traces of Vikings along the bike ride. In Fuglie village there are two rune stones. One stands on a pile in a garden about thirty meters north of the cemetery. It is said that on several occasions they tried to move the stone, but that it always returned to the same place.

In the final goal Höllviken is Foteviken, which is a whole Viking city built up with the materials of the time and techniques with 23 different buildings from late Viking to early Middle Ages. In addition, an eleven-meter-long Viking ship has been reconstructed after archaeological finds in the bay of Foteviken.

If you want transport back to Simrishamn, you can use public transport (bus + train) with a transfer via Malmö (Hyllie). The journey takes about 2 hours and there are departures about once an hour. It costs SEK 122 / adult, 72 SEK / child (7-19 years) and SEK 67 / bike. It is also possible to pre-book private transfers, and then the transport costs about SEK 1000 / person (including bicycle and luggage) between Höllviken-Simrishamn.

About 26 km

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Current cancellation costs under COVID-19:
- free cancellation up to 30 days prior to departure.
- 30 days before departure, 100% of the package's total price

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September 2019
Irene Algotsson
Nice route with varied accommodation. The organizer heard about the trip and asked how everything was going. Positively. Only doubtful on a road map that we did not think was right.
Reply from the organizer
Hi Irene and Thank you for your feedback.
No one else has said that the directions will not be correct, but we will take it for granted and will ride the tour again for the 2020 season.
August 2019
Kristina Åberg
Very good bikes. Very good contacts. The hotel rooms are good but generally too warm, extremely warm where in several places the sun has gassed all day without the curtains being too. The section Sandhammaren Ystad is on the train too theatrical to be classified as a bicycle route. Really nasty! Took much of the pleasure.
Reply from the organizer
Hi Kristina!
We will pass your feedback on warm rooms to our partners.
The south coast route was inaugurated in June 2019 and they now have 2 years to meet all the criteria for it to be classified as a national cycle route (including safety). I know this bit is a priority and will probably get another stretch or parallel cycle path within the soonest.
Simrishamn, Skåne

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