Blekinge coastal tour
Karlskrona, Blekinge (approx. 110 km)
4 nights 3 025 SEK / pers
  • doneOne night at Aspö Lotstorn Archipelago Hotel
  • doneOne night in a cottage on the Senor
  • doneOne night at Kristianopel's inn
  • doneOne night at hotel / hostel
  • done4 x breakfast
  • doneBed linen & towels
  • doneRental bike (stable model with 3 gears) & driving description
  • doneExtra nights, the package is easily supplemented with one or two days
  • doneSingle supplement
  • donePannier

Enjoy archipelago life and the beautiful oak gardens. Experience the wings of history and today's folk life in cozy Kristianopel. Experience the feeling of cycling between the islands in the Karlskrona archipelago and between quiet fields and small farms.

In this bike package you get to experience a sandwich table of everything that the southeastern part of Sweden has to offer in the form of views, taste experiences and historical adventures.

Day 1

Cycle on the archipelago island of Aspö

You arrive in Karlskrona, which is an exciting and beautiful city to discover for young and old alike. The city is included in UNESCO's list of indispensable world heritage due to the city's structure being an exceptionally well-preserved example of a European war city. Here you will find, among other things, the rope track from the 1690s, one of the city's oldest preserved buildings and Sweden's longest wooden building (300 meters long). When you feel like it, take the road ferry to Aspö - a "real" island, about 25 minutes out in the archipelago.

At Aspö you can visit charming cafes and galleries. There are also country shops, a kiosk and the opportunity to ride Icelandic horses - or just enjoy the sea and all the swimming opportunities. If you want to have dinner in a beautiful place, we recommend a visit to Drottningskärs Kastell from the 17th century, which with its thick walls, moat and cannons, stirs the imagination. You spend the night at Aspö Lotstorn - an archipelago hotel with breathtaking views of all four lines of weather. The hotel, an old lot tower from 1945, has five floors and is about twenty meters high and from the lookout room on the top floor you can see beautiful days all the way to Utklippan, the outermost island in the Karlskrona archipelago.

Aspö Lotstorn Archipelago Hotel
5-10 km
Day 2

Discover Tjurkö, Sturkö and Senoren

After breakfast at the hotel, take the ferry to the island of Tjurkö on the other side of the strait. From Tjurkö you should go to Sturkö and then on to the island Senoren. The Senor is connected to the mainland via the Möcklösund Bridge which is an attraction in itself with its 18 meter free sail height. At the bridge bracket you will find a serving and farm shop. Don't miss the sweet strawberries and the delicious fresh potatoes when it's the season for it!

The island of Senoren, whose agricultural landscape is beautifully framed by lush greenery, offers plenty of small roads that meander through the island and are perfectly designed for beautiful bike rides. On the island you will also find the fine swimming resort Sandvik, the Viking village Valshall and a country shop. Overnight stay in a cottage on Senoren.

Cottage on Senoren
10-30 km
Day 3

Bike to picturesque Kristianopel

After a good breakfast, today's bike ride goes north towards the picturesque village which in the 1600s was Denmark's southeast most outpost: Kristianopel. The bike ride here goes partly through the hinterland and the smaller roads you cycle on are bordered by agricultural landscapes, oaks and meadows. Once at the headland in Kalmarsund where Kristianopel is located, you can enjoy a different place.

Here, the wings of history blend with seagulls' shrines and children's laughter, and here you can enjoy the city's foremost features such as the roses in all its forms, the ring wall, the church and the cozy harbor where you see beautiful, clear days all the way to the lighthouse "Långe Jan" on Öland's south headland. In the immediate area there are a number of farm shops with local delicacies in the range and here are several different places to swim. The water is usually warm until well into September and during high season, among other things, historical walks are organized. Overnight at Kristianopel's inn

Kristianopel's inn
30 km
Day 4

Cycle to Lyckeby through scenic scenery

After a good breakfast, the bike ride continues through Blekinge's scenic fields and pastures where books, chestnuts and walnut trees grow. You mostly cycle on forest and village roads to Lyckeby, one of the oldest settlements in Blekinge that previously provided Karlskrona with flour and water. Then the place was called Lyckå and then became a Danish market town. The once fortified castle is now a worthwhile monument in the form of a beautiful, medieval ruin but worth seeing is also the Kronokvarnen, the Lyckeby Bridge, and the Lyckeby source. Overnight stay on the outskirts of Lyckeby.

Hotel / hostel in Lyckeby
40 km
Day 5

Karlskrona and homecoming

After a good breakfast, the cycling adventure ends with a short trip to Karlskrona. On the way you can stop in the nice hometown park Vämö but otherwise there is very exciting to see in Karlskrona, including the Marine Museum, the Porcelain Museum and the Bilmuseet to name just a few final, pleasant excursion destinations.

5 km

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- 7 days before departure, 100 % of the package's total price.

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Value for money star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate star_half
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September 2020
Barbro Isaksson
Hej Kände att jag fick bra support från Maud Perfekt cykelmånad / September Det blir säkert mer cykling i Sverige framöver
September 2020
We knew it was low season but that it was so difficult to get food we did not think the inn was good service but we were completely relegated to the small room in the side house there were no other rooms
August 2020
Göran Clare'n
A wonderful bike ride in the archipelago and on land
August 2020
Jörgen Arnesson
It was a varied and pleasant trip. Really liked the flexibility in the layout which meant that we had one night in Karlshamn and then the last night on Aspö.
August 2020
Peter & Ellinor Edfors
July 2020
Lotta Svensson
Great service, everyone helped when we arrived. Everyone who took care of renting rooms, bicycles etc. has been very nice.
June 2020
Easy to get around with the bikes on the boats between the islands. Bit cycling on busy 70-lane, which gets a little nervous when cycling with children. Advantage to book via local person (Maud on Tre Trappsteg), who had arranged very cozy accommodation along the way. Statt hotel in Karlskrona very boring in comparison, but totally okay for easy overnight. Was good to change the route on the last day to avoid the route inland from Kristianopel where, according to previous reviews, it is easy to get lost and instead stick to the coast road down to Torhamn to take the boat from there to Karlskrona.
June 2020
Philip and Mary
Very nice and cozy route! Accessible except for parts of the Bleking Trail which were stony at times, but the bikes we got worked anyway for the purpose. Many restaurants and the like were closed, if this is because we cycled early in the season or the situation with covid-19 we do not know. But on the whole, VERY idyllic and cozy route that we recommend!
August 2019
Mikael Levy, Heléne Levy
Hello We received very good service and service from Maud Selander, 3Trappsteg. When it comes to cycling and living, we are satisfied / very satisfied with the first three nights, ie even Kristianopel. Aspö lot tower was by far the coolest experience and the proprietor turned out to be a fantastic storyteller and guide. Use him more systematically, he would probably like it. The cycling to the Kustgården Senoren was very nice and the camping cabin as camping cabins are, quite ok. We got an incredibly generous breakfast basket there. When we were there, the Pentecostal church in Jönköping had camps for young people, which is totally ok. You can, however, wonder if it is ok that they start at 8 in the morning with warm-up music in festival volume, I would guess at about 90 dB. We were going up and away anyway, but otherwise people were sleeping. The accommodation in Kristianopel was very nice, although we had to call the host to be able to enter the room. There were keys in the key cabinets with code and everything went well, but it should be stated in the instructions that people may not be there and that you should call. The directions for cycling are not world class, but until Kristianopel it works reasonably if you have a little imagination. The trip Kristianopel - Lyckå is directly distressing with many ambiguities and direct errors in the directions. In addition, Lyckå is incomprehensible in itself. Here we have visited one fantastic place after the other and the tour ends with an obscure suburb of Karlskrona and an accommodation that is just next to a very busy traffic lane. When we got there, we decided to skip that night and cycle the extra mile to Karlskrona instead. That stop is really incomprehensible. For us, five miles is not a remarkable distance, but if that is the problem, you just draw a straight line so that the cycling goes to Karlskrona directly, or you change Lyckå to another more sensible place that is sights and scenic so that the cycling ends. in a good way. Now it became a really sad anticlimax. There will be no fives in the grades, as the final content does not measure up. Sorry, otherwise we got a lot for the money.
August 2019
A wonderful nature experience, mixed water, road and forest. Some distances make it difficult to read the map and to find the markings. It is desirable to get a complete picture of the whole bike ride.
July 2019
Lennart Field
A little well simple bikes Would have liked to have paid a little more for better bikes Especially considering that the road was sometimes poor and difficult to cycle The cycling experience was in your whole pleasant and varied Best we think first night at Aspö was
July 2019
Peter Ryberg
Fantastic nice and varied cycling. The weather, of course, contributed to a nice bike ride. However, it was a bit tricky to find the right path at some places. This tour can hardly be recommended to anyone who is not used to reading such maps or does not have GPS with them! One recommendation is that in some places, in some way, sign up with directions. Please look forward to this for next season!
July 2019
Kristina Lorén
A great experience to see a bit of Blekinge from the bike. We went to Kristianopel the first day. Overnight stay at the inn which had really nice rooms and nice hostess. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to eat as no restaurants had opened yet for the season in the evening. Fortunately, the grocery store was open for another quarter, so panic cycling was there for grocery shopping. Amazingly beautiful in Kristianopel and all its blooming roses. The breakfast we ate at \ "Sweet & Salt \" down by the harbor, very good and friendly staff. The next day's trip went to Lyckeby. In some places the signage was bad so some got to cycle back a few times. Varying ground as we also trampled through forest roads on Blekingeleden. Baptism in a lake for the brave during the day. Finally arrived in Lyckeby after about 4 km and lovely accommodation. Good dinner in the evening at a restaurant within walking distance. The next day Mother Karlskrona. We stayed in the Vämöparken for coffee and ice cream. Very nice park with old houses, animals and that day flea at the dance track. On to Aspö for the last night of our cycling holiday. We lived in the lot tower and it was nice with the view room at the top. Both lunch and dinner were taken at Kastellet, highly recommended. Very good food in a cozy environment with beautiful stone arches. The next day we cycled back to Karlskrona where we started from the beginning. Nice city with beautiful surroundings. The walk through the gravel corridors at Brändaholm was one of the highlights and unforgettable.
July 2019
Katarina Kyrksjö
Cycled in fine nature. Just a long ride. 3 good accommodations. The cabins we lived in were poorly cleaned. A little poor service when we arrived no maps and tickets printed.
July 2019
Mona wignell
As before comments a little bad directions, but we fixed it👍
August 2018
Little Mother Brenter
The trip description was a bit difficult at times but otherwise everything was very well arranged.
August 2018
Fanny Ahlgren
Lovely luck very bathed in the heat. Everything worked well except the description Kristianopel-Lyckeby. Would be good with one page per stage not having to scroll. The maps could perhaps be improved.
July 2018
Gunilla Janson
Nice bike ride
July 2018
Christina Schultz
A trip where we got a lot for the money but we wanted the route to stay even more on the coast or on the islands.
July 2018
AC Gjörloff
Nice bike ride in varied environment
July 2018
Monika Gustafsson
Great nature experience. Fun with the detour in Olsäng. It was magically beautiful. We drove wrong in Flyeboda. There could have been a sign along with the trail. Otherwise, great bike paths.
June 2018
Lisbeth Johansson
The bike trail signs had in some places lost the color and some were obscured by vegetation so we cycled wrong a few times, but we are satisfied and will hire you at the next bike ride in Sweden
- Nearest airport: Ronneby / Karlskrona
- Nearest train station: Karlskrona
Karlskrona, Blekinge

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