Dirt road and asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The bike path is not signposted

Anyone who enjoys deep forests, fresh air and nature has great experiences to look forward to during the bike ride around Lake Rusken in Värnamo municipality in Småland. Rusk has an area of almost 34 square kilometers and is very scenic.

The lake is famous for its good sport fishing and is of course well suited for a canoe or rowing boat trip. The story is reminiscent of Rusken. In Nydala in the north there was a monastery with Cistercian monks, founded as early as the 12th century, where ruins can still be seen today and parts of the old monastery church remain in the present Nydala church. In Ohs in the south there was an old iron mill that was founded in the 17th century and then became a pulp mill.

At various places around Rusken you will find crafts, antiquities, dining places and not least nice bathing places. In addition, there is camping and tourist camp next to the lake's beaches.

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