Mainly asphalt
Low traffic road
Around the Vättern Trail is marked with blue signs along the road (supplement with your own map)

The cycle path around the Vättern Trail is 42 km long and goes through nice cities and magnificent scenery. The trail is well marked with blue signs and you can start cycling wherever you want. The sights around Vättern are very nice. An experience beyond the ordinary.

You ride on small, low-traffic roads of good quality. About 75 percent of the roads are paved. The cycle path passes through all the agglomerations along your journey around Lake Vättern. Sometimes the trail goes a bit from Vättern, and in other places the bike trail goes so close that you can dip your toes in the water. The world's largest exercise bike race The Vätternrundan has some of the same stretch as the Vättern Trail. The Vättern Round takes place in June and is part of A Swedish Classic.

Main Route: about 420 km around Lake Vättern, Askersund-Motala-Vadstena-Ödeshög-Gränna-Jönköping-Habo-Hjo-Forsvik

Do not miss...

  • bookmarkThe old wooden town Hjo
  • bookmarkKarlsborg Fortress
  • bookmarkThe monastery of Vadstena
  • bookmarkGränna and Visingsö
  • bookmarkThe wooden town of Askersund
  • bookmarkEllen Keyts Strand
  • bookmarkThe capital of the Göta Canal Motala
  • bookmarkJönköping city park
  • bookmarkNaturum Tåkern
  • bookmarkDisappearance use
  • bookmarkVerner von Heidenstam's upper body
  • bookmarkHabo Church

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