Dirt road and asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The Öland Trail is alternately marked with red and blue color

Öland is fantastic! It really is a different and exotic part of Sweden, with something for all tastes. Here is the Bay of Böd with its wonderful sandy beaches and party life in Borgholm. And a wonderful nature to experience and enjoy from the bike saddle.

In Öland there is an ancient, world heritage-declared cultivation landscape, and the barren beauty of the Great Alvar. There are also numerous rare birds, which attract birdwatchers from all over the world. The cycling season is long and stretches from early spring with wonderful flower splendor to a nice summer heat well into September. The Ölandsleden trail is currently under renovation and the changes are not yet posted on the maps, but most often described on projects Ölandsleden's website.

Main Route: Approximately 450 km (cycle route around the whole of Öland)

Sights you must not miss:
- Borgholm Castle
- The alvar with its special flora
- Eketorp Castle, Degerhamn
- Bird life at Ottenby
- Solliden Castle, Borgholm
- The mile-long sandy beach of Bödab Bay
- Borgholm Castle
- A walk through Himmelsberga
- VIDA museum and art hall
- Sunset at Äleklinta
- Eketorps Borg, Degerhamn
- Vision Skäftekärr, Löttorp
- Ölands Museum Himmelsberga
- Öland's harvest party

Kalmar County Road
If the bus has bicycle equipment, bicycles may be included, subject to space, one bicycle per passenger. The price for a bicycle is the same as for school children. Bicycles can also be sent as bus goods. Line 500 Kalmar-Karlskrona-Kalmar, on the other hand, is not possible to bring a bicycle. And bicycle cars are not possible in any of the county's public transport.

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