Nyköping Municipality
Eskilstuna municipality
Dirt road and asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The trail is marked with yellow signs (supplement with your own map)

The white water lily, Sörmland's landscape flower, has been named for this cycle trail that winds its way across and through the Sörmland landscape. The water lily trail is a total of about 700 km long and drawn in a large circle around Sörmland, cut through two transverse stages. This provides great opportunities to compose suitable bike tours according to your specific needs.

The cycle path runs along beautiful, mostly low-traffic roads and is divided into 14 different stages where the idea is to reach a place with overnight accommodation every night. Along the way you pass both many beautiful lakes and the open Sörmland coast with its bay and islands.

You cycle through a Sweden in miniature, with cultural landscapes characterized by pastures with beautiful deciduous trees and rich flower meadows. In his book Nils Holgerssons' wonderful journey through Sweden, Selma Lagerlöf called this area "the beautiful amusement park". Sörmland is also the manor landscape in front of others. Here the castles and mansions are close and many of them are open for visits. You will be offered fantastic dining experiences along the way with a focus on local produce.

Development work for increased road safety
Approximately 70% of the Näckros Trail maintains a good traffic safety standard, but there are short passages and occasional longer distances where the route needs to be moved or otherwise corrected. Development work is underway in collaboration with the municipalities, and here is a map where each section is excellent based on how it is experienced: Water lily Road safety

The regional traffic in Örebro and the Sörmland traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus. On the city buses and county buses in Södermanland and Västmanland you cannot bring a bicycle.

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