Klarälven trail
Good road standard
Car-free bike path

Travel through northern Värmland along the Klarälven River on the Klarälvsleden, by bicycle, inline or on foot. The first part consists of Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long paved car-free cycle track that runs on a closed runway. Continue north on Klarälven trail can also be dirt road. In total the distance is 120 km. From Lake Vänern in the south to the dark forests in northern Värmland. Get into the landscape of the great storytellers with lakes, valleys and wooded mountains!

The Klarälvsbanen 90 km meanders straight through the warm countryside from Karlstad in the south to Hagfors in the north. In the deep forest around Hagfors, the paved Klarälvsbanan ends and the Klarälvsleden with its 120 km continues on to Sysslebäck.

Klarlälvsbanan - 90 km car-free cycle path along Klarälven
The Klarälvsbanan has such good ground that it works well even for inlines and roller skis. On the way you pass in turn Forshaga, Deje, Ransäter, Munkfors, Hagfors and Uddeholm. As a constant companion, you have the Klarälven, which with its sparkling water is never far away.

Klarälvsleden - 120 km of cycle path through the Warmland wilderness
The Klarälvs Trail is a 120 km long cycle path that runs through wilderness and on forest roads in the northern Klarälvsdalen. The trail winds its way along old country roads, farms, meadows, large forests and villages located next to the mighty Klar River. The substrate is gravel and asphalt, and the Klarälvsleden is also suitable for hiking. There is a special a nature to the trail that you can buy at any tourist agency along the Klarälven.

Main Route: The Klarälvsbanen is about 90 km (Karlstad-Forshaga-Deje-Ransäter-Munkfors-Uddeholm-Hagfors) and the Klarälvsleden is about 120 km (Uddeholm-Hagfors-Ekshärad-Stöllet-Sysslebäck). There is also a signposted connection between Hammarö and Karlstad.

Munkfors Hagfors

No possibility to bring the bike on board the bus. Foldable bikes can be included as needed and should be placed in the luggage compartment. There is only room for two bikes at the same time. Bus line 600 operates along the Klar River.

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