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Travel through northern Värmland along the Klarälven River on the Klarälvsleden, by bicycle, inline or on foot. The first part consists of Klarälvsbanan, a 90 km long paved car-free cycle track that runs on a closed runway. Continue north on Klarälven trail walks through wilderness and on forest roads in northern Klarälvsdalen. In total, the distance is 120 km from Lake Vänern in the south to the large forests in northern Värmland. Get into the landscape of the great storytellers with lakes, valleys and wooded mountains!

The Klarälvsbanen 90 km meanders straight through the warm countryside from Karlstad in the south to Hagfors in the north. In the deep forest around Hagfors the paved Klarälvsbanan ends and the Klarälvsleden 120 km continues on to Sysslebäck. The trail winds its way along old country roads, farms, meadows, large forests and villages located next to the mighty Klar River. The substrate is gravel and asphalt, and the Klarälvsleden is also suitable for hiking. There is a special a nature with information about places to see along the Klarälven river.

Children welcome: The Klarälvsbanan is traffic-free and paved. Cycling is conducted in flat landscapes without any heavier climbs, perfect cycling for children. Those who do not want to cycle the entire course can choose a family-friendly stage where it is not so far between the accommodation. It is recommended that you start in Uddeholm and cycle to Munkfors or start in Karlstad and cycle to Deje, both options offer a nice "back and forth" cycling if you include an overnight stay. Note Busy road crosses the lane in some places.

Main Route: Klarälvsbanan (Karlstad-Forshaga-Deje-Ransäter-Munkfors-Uddeholm-Hagfors) and Klarälvsleden (Uddeholm-Hagfors-Ekshärad-Stöllet-Sysslebäck). There is also a signposted connection between Hammarö and Karlstad.

Bike rental: Velostore in Karlstad and Bulten Bike in Hammarö and Karlstad

Here's how you can plan 4 days along the car-free Klarälvsbanan

Here you will find suggestions on how you can plan your cycling holiday along the Klarälvsbanan, without any traffic.

Day 1: Martha - Karlstad, about 10 km

The cycling starts at Vänern beach and goes via the river towards Karlstad and the entrance to the Klarälvsbanan. The 10 km stage is simple and operated without any major climb. You will notice that the city is built on a delta and the Klarälven often reminds itself. In addition to several fine, designated resting places along the river's edge, there is a beautiful city center with vibrant center shopping.

Excursion tips along the way
Mariebergsskogen is Karlstad's city park. Here you can meet the animals in Lillskogen, explore the unique Lekträdgården and feel the history of the history of the cultural buildings and let Naturum Värmland be the start of your excursions in the warm nature of Värmland. Take a break with food, glasses or coffee. Lars Lerin is considered to be the Nordic region's foremost watercolor artist and on Sandgrund there is his permanent exhibition. With the popular boat buses you can experience Kalstad from the water. Join us on a time travel of brigade Museum where you get to know, listen, read and see how the cold war affected Sweden 1945-1991.

Suggestions for overnight stay
First Hotel River C Karlstad, phone 054-22 22 20
Elite Stadshotellet Karlstad, phone 054-29 30 00

Day 2: Karlstad - Deje, about 28 km

The starting point for the Klarälvsbanan is at Kroppkärrssjön. With its rich bird life and its famous carp (carp over 20 kilos are caught annually in the lake), there is the entrance sign and the Klarälvsbanan starts. The car-free track passes Fröding's home landmarks at Alsterdalen and nature changes in appearance. When you reach Edsgatan there are deciduous forests that are classified as key biotopes with oak and hazel, almond blossom, small bluebell and meadow. You pass the lake Alstern on the right before the journey continues past Ulvsby and Åsmossen on the way to Forshaga. Before reaching Deje and the hostel, make a mandatory stop at Deje Kraftstation to enjoy the art and have a coffee.

Excursion tips along the way
Alster mansion, Gustaf Fröding's memorial, is an 18th-century manor in a beautiful natural environment overlooking Lake Vänern. The manor is located eight kilometers east of Karlstad. Salmon fishing in Forshagaforsen is one of the best in the Nordic countries. You can buy a fishing license and book a knowledgeable guide at the fishing center. At the Klarälven beach, next to the mighty Dejeforsen Old Power Station. Here you will find a spectacular industrial building from the early 1900s which is now a cultural meeting place for theater, art, music or just a snack in a different environment. Art and industrial romance in a rare nice combination!

Suggestions for overnight stay
Kvarntorps Herrgård, phone 0704-962 743
Deje hostel, phone 070-530 48 18
Dämle Herrgård Spa & Resort, phone 0552-417 50
Ransäters Hembygdsgård, telephone 076-308 1957

Day 3: Deje - Munkfors, about 28 km

From Deje you continue north towards Munkfors. The Klarälvsbanan has many nice resting places, but the one in Edeby is definitely worth a stop. Here you will find information about the river and the nature of the surroundings. Just Edeby's resting place is located at the old ferry location and the ferry was in use as late as 1981, the same year the bridge over the river was completed. Nearby is the Edeby nature reserve, which was formed to preserve an area of flood-affected deciduous forests near the Klar River. Here a variety of bird species thrive. The next nice resting place is in Olsäter. The village itself is worth a visit and perhaps a strengthening cup of coffee. The resting place is of cultural historical value as it has remains after the float.

Excursion tips along the way
Geijersgården in Ransäter is the author Erik Gustaf Geijer's birthplace, today the memorial of three very famous cultural personalities. monk rapids is Klarälven's highest natural waterfall in Bruksparken, Munkfors. Museum Erlandergården consists of two buildings, the schoolhouse and the memorial. Here, Tage Erlander was born in 1901. Ransäters hometown is one of Sweden's most beautiful hometowns with a dozen museums and many events such as "Bellows at the roadside" - one of the world's largest accordions. In the area there is a holiday village, campsite, inn, trade booth and café.

Suggestions for overnight stay
Ransäters Hembygdsgård, telephone 076-308 1957
Munkfors Conference Center, phone 0563-501 30
Priestmyrens hostel, phone 070-394 49 83

Day 4: Munkfors - Uddeholm - Hagfors, about 30 km

The final stage runs both along the Klar River and along the shore of Rådasjön. There are several nice resting places along the course and you can calm down and enjoy the tranquility for a while. Nature varies between forests and open landscapes. The Klarälven-Sunnemodalen has a whole lake system connected by running waterways. The river river flows through a ravine that has cut deep into the sediment. On the eastern side of the course in the north / south direction care trees grow, which also bear the name giant tree. Before you reach the hotel in Uddeholm, large beach bunk beds open up which extend down to Rådasjön's beach. Once in Uddeholm, the finish line is adjacent to the hotel.

Excursion tips along the way
Brattfallet In Ekshärad is a 10 meter high waterfall with a deep canyon. At high water flows, the case is powerful. In the summer when the water level is low you can climb in the fall and three hiking trails leave from here. The beautiful stone bridge dates from 1923 when a road was built by hand over the mountains in former roadless land. Visit the historic church in the Northern Council and Ekshärad church known for its beautiful iron crosses which symbolize the tree of life with playful leaves. Monica Z - Hagfors Memorial Museum with an exhibition about the world artist Monica Zetterlund's life and Hagfors history. There are many fine nature reserves in the area. In the middle of central Hagfors there is nature reserve Mana-Örbäcken, an unspoilt oasis with ancient magical natural forest that has managed itself for centuries. The adventure begins behind Hagfors town hall.

Suggestions for overnight stay
Uddeholms Hotell, telephone 0563-141 50
Rådastrands Camping, phone 0563-605 60
Björnbyn holiday village, phone 0563-600 62
Geiijersholms Herrgård, phone 079-079 14 24

No possibility to bring the bike on board the bus. Foldable bikes can be included as needed and should be placed in the luggage compartment. There is only room for two bikes at the same time. Bus line 600 operates along the Klar River.

Taxi for luggage transport or return transport by bicycle
Taxi Hagfors AB (phone 0563-604 20) offers the season 2020 a discounted and fixed price for cyclists on weekends. Transport of a maximum of 8 people without a bicycle, or 4 people with a bicycle. Award 1595 kr for the Uddeholm-Karlstad route (the entire route from each direction). For larger groups there are opportunities to arrange with a trailer.

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