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Allan Karlsson will be one hundred years old, and on his birthday it will be a party at the nursing home. Both the municipal council and the local newspaper are invited. Despite his impressive age, Allan is well-to-do, and since he is not so interested in the party, he instead steps out the window and then disappears on a multitude of adventures ... Pictures from the movie: © Nice Flx Pictures AB

Now you can experience parts of the fantastic story of the “centennial” on a bicycle. If you want to spend the night, you can start by checking in on the haystack in Strand's converted barn where there is now a hotel and restaurant.

Rent a bicycle and bring food or snacks before embarking on your trip to Byringe station. It was here that the Hundred-year-old and his buddy locked a member of the knot gang "Never again" in the freezer, and forgot about him during the night. Then you continue on to Åkerstyckebruk, where the centenary and his grandmother went dressin with the body from the freezer room.

Then cycle on towards Mariefred, Stallarholmen, Strängnäs and Vansö. In Vansö, turn left towards Härad and the Arsenal's military history museum. Here, the hundred-year-old, who was an explosive expert, would have definitely enjoyed it. After a tour "among bombs and grenades" you can have a drink in the Arsenal's café or maybe cycle back to Strand and enjoy a well-deserved 3-course dinner after today's long trip.

Main Route: Approximately 100 km (Strand Eskilstuna-Mariefred-Stallarholmen-Strängnäs-Vansö-Strand Eskilstuna)

Sights you must not miss:
- The arsenal, Strängnäs
- Gripsholm Castle
- The steamship Mariefred
- Mälsåker castle, Selaön

Sörmlandsleden traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus.

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