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A beautiful, wooded area with a strong connection to one of the country's most beloved and internationally known writers. With names on the map such as Katthult (which is really called Gibberyd), Vimmerby and Mariannelund, everyone understands that it is about Astrid Lindgren and our literary national dress Emil in Lönneberga. Here you will find everything from the author's childhood home and the theme park Astrid Lindgren's world to Sweden's oldest tree Kvilleken. 

Presentation photographer: Emma Jansson

Based on picturesque Vimmerby, the tourist office has developed a number of charming trails that allow you to experience several of the area's attractions by cycling.

In Astrid Lindgren's world with almost 500,000 visitors a year, you get to know the well-known characters from the books for real and live in well-known environments such as Mattisborgen, Bullerbyn (the filming location is in nearby Sevedstorp), Villa Villekulla and Katthult. The area around Vimmerby also offers a number of fine bathing places, beautiful churches, the Stenriket and the charming lookout spot at Övrakulla. Then Kvilleken is not only the country's oldest tree, but also the largest, and one of Europe's most impressive oaks.

Sights you must not miss:
- Astrid Lindgrens Näs, the author's childhood home
- Astrid Lindgren's World, theme park for children of all ages
- Sunnra Vi Brunnsparken, 1759 health source with beautiful well park and museums
- The stone kingdom in Björkesnäs, with the mighty bronze age dragon pipe
- Pillars, Djursdala and Tuna church
- Sevedstorp, a popular destination for families with children
- Djursdalarundan, a 7 km long hiking trail
- The ship of the Visas, a ship set with 40 beautiful visors engraved in the stones
- The cleft, a huge boulder that is split in the middle
- Brånhult, remnants of an old mill that is incredibly beautiful at the rapids
- Viewpoint at Övrakulla
- Kvilleken, an impressive giant. Sweden's oldest and largest tree

Here you will find one map from the tourist office.

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