Dirt road, Forest path
Low traffic road
The trail is not signposted

Åkulla beech forests is the collective name for about ten similar nature reserves located in one and the same area. The terrain is hilly and there are also several lakes. Decocted beech forests a very scenic area.

This unique tourist area is known for its beautiful beech forests located in the interior of Halland, designed as a triangle between Varberg, Falkenberg and Ullared. There are around twenty lakes and several nature reserves in the area. Today, it is considered to be one of Sweden's foremost beech forests given the wealth of unusual and endangered species found there.

The road to Åkulla beech forests is signposted from three different directions with brown and white signs. From road 153 between Varberg and Ullared, road 154 between Falkenberg and Ullared, and from Tvååker in southern Varberg.

Pictures: County Administrative Board Halland County

Hallandstrafiken's regional buses
Bikes may be included as long as space is available on the regional buses as long as they are equipped with a special suspension device until 23 o'clock. The bike must always have its own ticket and the price is the same as for a youth ticket.

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