Good road standard, Mainly asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The Swedish route is marked with green signs along the road

The Swedish Trail is an almost nationwide cycle route and passes all of Sweden's landscapes except Gotland. The trail runs on public roads, mostly on asphalt, and is divided into a main road and a number of alternative routes. The main route runs between Helsingborg and Karesuando (2620 km).

The Swedish route extends through old cultural landscapes and mostly follows less busy roads inland. Roads are of a high standard and are low traffic. In major cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Linköping, the trail mainly runs along car-free bike lanes. As the Swedish route largely goes through inhabited areas, it is relatively easy to stop at different places to eat a bit of food or coffee along the way.

It is easy to connect to other cycling routes such as the Coastline, Mälardalsleden, Västgötaleden, Dalslandsleden, Vättern-Sommenleden, Around the Vättern Trail and the Banvalls Trail.

The Swedish route has several alternative routes, such as across Stockholm and Gothenburg. In addition, there are branches to Norway, i Skalmodal (Vasterbotten), Gaddede (Jämtland) as well Hook Satra (Dalarna). There are also alternative routes to the east Trelleborg (Skåne) and Byxelkrok (Oland). The total length of the alternate routes is 3,980 km.

May 2020: We have been informed that a bridge in Hagfors "Sundbron" has been closed indefinitely. It is on the road from Uddeholm where the Klarälvsbanan starts or ends and on the way into the center of Hagfors.

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