Nyköping Municipality
Good road standard, Mainly asphalt
A bit along busy motorway
The coastline is marked with red signs along the trail (supplement with your own map)

As you cycle along the Coastline, you travel through beautiful coastal environments and thousands of islands. The trail extends from Öregrund in the north to Västervik in the south. There are also several routes that go out to the Baltic Sea.

Photos: Nyköping Municipality, Per-Erik Adamsson

The coastline includes the Roslagens, Stockholm, Sörmland coast, Arkösund, S: t Annas, Gryts and Tjusts archipelagos. There are several possible starting and finishing points. There are also great opportunities to combine bike and boat trips.

Main Route: Approximately 560 km (Öregrund - Stockholm - Västervik)
Alternative: Approximately 460 km (supplementary stretches out into the archipelago and the islands)

Tip! Instead of taking a taxi boat between Grimsta and Oaxen, Nynäshamns Tourist Office recommends cycling from Mörkö and then taking the ferry (free) across the Skanssundet. The road from Skanssundet to Kagghamra is narrow but very beautiful. Along the way there is a nice country shop and on Mörkö there is a tavern.

Tip! The coastline goes along route 283 between Grisslehamn and south. It is narrow and quite busy and there are two better options. Old Grisslehamnsvägen (some gravel but nice) and the road on the eastern side of Väddö.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL)
Bikes may be included on the commuter trains, but not at rush hour, at. 06:00 - 09:00 and 15:00 - 18:00. During weekends no time limits apply. Bringing a bike is free. Bicycles are not allowed to Arlanda C and Stockholm C or on Stockholm County buses.

Östgötatrafiken (rural buses)
Bicycles are allowed free of charge on rural buses, subject to availability. All buses do not have bicycle hooks, please call customer service on 0771-21 10 10 before you go to find out which bus type you want to travel with (select tone 2 to get to the traffic information center).

Sörmlandsleden traffic
Bikes may be taken free of charge, subject to space, however a maximum of two per bus.

Connecting bicycle trails